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Two month shots - mom's who have survived, come on in

We are getting shots first thing Monday morning. I have heard that some give their LO Tylenol prior to going. If you did, how much did you give, and how long before the appt? And do you think it helped? If you did not, do you regret that decision? Thanks
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Re: Two month shots - mom's who have survived, come on in

  • I didn't give Tylenol before or after. My daughter cried for about 10 minutes after, but then she slept the rest of the afternoon and evening, and a good part of the next morning, waking only for diaper changes and feedings. This from an alert baby whose day naps were less than 2 hours long at that point.

    I don't regret not giving her Tylenol since she didn't seem to need it. We just skipped her bath the day of the shots, and her bath the next day seemed to relax her a lot.

  • I've read that Tylenol may reduce the efficacy of vaccines.  But that may be bunk because how test that.  I assume they run titers, but since moms have given babies Tylenol before vaccines for years, maybe the levels they are expecting are actually not needed to prevent infection.

    ANYWAY, I decided not to give DD Tylenol because the doc said she probably wouldn't need it.  Since I was on the fence, I decided to let the doc be the decision maker. 

    DD did run a low-grade fever after the shots so I ended up giving her the Tylenol anyway.  But like PP, I don't regret not giving it to her pre-vaccines because the cry she let out was so awful that I don't think Tylenol would have reduced that pain.  That cry only lasted a moment though.  But it will forever be burned into my brain. :(

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  • You should not give tylenol before because they can't give shots if she has a fever and tylenol would mask that.  I took the tylenol I bought in and asked if it was ok and how much I could give (they said 1/2 a dropper) but she didn't end up needing it. 
  • We're getting shots Tuesday.  I'm not dosing with tylenol.  She's so used to being poked and prodded it almost doesn't phase her and her crying almost doesn't phase me anymore.  I also want to be able to see a reaction (if immediate) considering she has all sorts of other issues.

    But with the big kid, I did give tylenol before.  Why would I regret the's just tylenol.  I don't remember how much. If you're thinking of giving it, call your pedi and ask.  I do remember it was an hour before appt.

  • It really wasnt that big of a deal. Both twins cried but it wasn't for long. They were a bit fussy in the evening but that is par for the course on a normal day. They went to bed a little earlier and slept their normal amount during the night. Don't freak out about it.
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  • We didn't give Tylenol.  The girls got their shots and fussed for a few minutes, then calmed down once we cuddled with them and gave them their binkies.  They slept a good portion of the rest of the day. 

    I don't think Tylenol would've made any difference at all for them. 



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  • I didn't do anythign before hand. Just had a bottle ready to go and as soon as they gave her the shot put it in her mouth and she cried for literally 5 seconds in between and was totally fine. Has been a tad fussier than normal since - that was Thursday afternoon, but no reaction. I am delaying some vaccines so she only got one shot and the rotavirus oral vaccine. Not as bad as I remembered with my first daughter.

     Actually I don't think you can give tylenol that young can you? 

  • My ped recommended that we give her infant tylenol is she got a fever, and she did. He told us to give her to the 1st line on the dropper.

    we dont want to unnecessarily medicate so we didnt give it before hand

  • I didn't give brandon any tylenol. i gave him a binky and rubbed his head. the nurse did 2 shots on the right leg and 1 on the left. she was already onto the 3rd shot before he got the little screams out..but he only cried until i picked him up (she did the bandaids with him in my arms) he just went kinda limp after like he was tired from the little screams. no fever and slept through most of the night :) wasn't as bad as i thought it would be AT ALL.
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  • We did not give Tylenol until right after her shots. I don't regret it at all. I waited until she was mostly done crying (which really wasn't long) and then gave it to her. She loved the taste and it distracted her. She was very ready to comfort nurse though, so if you BF, I'd be ready to nurse asap or have a bottle/paci ready. I will say that I was so scared of the apt and she did so well! She slept most of the day and had a better night than most too. GL!

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  • I ddin't give tylenol before.  I heard that you shouldn't because you need to see how they will react.  Like, you need to know if they will get a fever from the vaccines.  A slight fever is normal, but the tylenol could mask a high fever that you should know about.

    She handled the shots just fine anyway.  Cried at the time, but the nurse was quick.  I had the paci handy after she was done and dd was all smiles just a few minutes later.

    She was fussier than normal later that evening so I gave her a dose of tylenol then.  I think her little legs were sore.  3 shots in the thighs are a lot to handle!  She never got a fever either, I checked for that about every hour.

    A bit of advice, have some wipes handy.  The oral vaccine is really sticky, and if your baby doesn't do oral medicine well, it will end up all over them.  I had to give Claire a complete upper body wipe down before I could dress her.

  • I gave Tylenol before. I asked his pediatrician and he said it was fine. He cried when he got them and was sleepy afterwards. He also didn't eat as much either, but now he's back to eating the same.
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  • I didn't give any, but had some on hand in case of fever. My pedi said not too unless necessary as it might interfere with the efficacy of the vaccine.

    He cried but I nursed him immediately and he stopped. He slept basically all day and all night and cried some in between, but it wasn't bad.  

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  • I took the tylenol w/ us to ask the doctor and she said to go ahead. She cried when stuck of course and then slept most of the afternoon. 

    She did get a fever that night so I don't know if the tylenol was holding it off until then or if she wouldn't have develped one until then anyway.

    I don't know if anything really helps but I wanted to try to alleviate the discomfort for her if I could.

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  • I had also read that Tylenol beforehand can affect efficacy; I asked our pediatrician and he acknowledged this, though he didn't make it seem like a big deal either way.

    Try sugar water! I brought some to the visit but didn't have a dropper, so I just dipped the pacifier in it a few times to put the water on his tongue. I know hospitals often use sugar water/sucrose when they do circumcisions.

    He definitely screamed as the shots went in, but calmed down pretty quickly and I nursed him right away. He did have a low fever and was fussy most of the evening (the ped. visit was early afternoon), but by 9:30pm was just content as could be. His fever never got over 100.5 so I never gave him any Tylenol. He slept normally that night.

    I, however, was a WRECK that whole day, worried about a serious reaction, but he was fine. Now we get to do the whole thing over in 2 months, then two months after that... :/

     p.s. tracker says I'm 47 weeks pregnant! :D

  • Thanks for this advice. Exactly the type of feedback I was hoping for...Bumpies come through again!
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