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Outings with LO - Crying

So I feel like every time DH and I try to run some errands with DS he ends up screaming non-stop for no reason.  I know he hates being in his carseat because he can't stretch and move as easily as he would like.  Tonight before we left, he had just woken up from a good long 2.5 hour nap, was fed and had a diaper change.  We put him in the carseat and set off to the grocery store.  Half-way through the shopping he starts fussing so we take him out of the seat.  The second we put him back in so we could leave he starts screaming and crying.  We put him in the car and turn on the radio and he calms down for a minute before starting back up.  After all this, he's put himself in a cranky mood which is frustrating because he started out in a great mood.  Anyone else dealing with this??

Re: Outings with LO - Crying

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  • DD was the same way in a seat. So I started wearing her and she's awesome now.  So awesome that I can go shopping all day then come home and feel like I haven't spent any time with her even though she was strapped to my chest!

    If you do decide to wear her, I'd advise against a Bjorn.  I rashly spent the $80 on one and it killed my back.  I invested a little more money and bought a Beco and LOOOVE it.  The Ergo is a similar carrier with different features, but in the same "family".

    I also have a Moby, but don't find it as practical for quick trips to Target or whatever.  But it is super duper comfortable.  And I love using it when DD and I go on walks.

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    Have you tried wearing him?  I put James in the Moby when I grocery shop and if he gets fussy, usually I just kind of bounce him and give him the paci and he's fine.  He likes being able to look around and see everything.


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    The Nest/Bump sucks and won't let me change my location. I'm in Arkansas, not Florida.
  • Yeah, after a few trips to wal-mart and feeling like everyone was staring at me b/c I had the crying baby, I started taking the Bjorn in and it's been heaven!  He does so much better when he's on my chest and he's usually fast asleep within 5 minutes...back in the car seat and the cries commence:)
  • Not sure why I didn't think of wearing him before.  Haha.  I will definitely be trying that from now on.  That will make it so much easier on everyone!  Thanks for the suggestions!
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