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Just for fun..."can't believe they said that!" comments (survey)

I was talking with a fellow preggy yesterday, and she told me a woman she works with asked her, "Has your doctor mentioned your weight gain?  It seems like you'[ve hit your limit!"

While many times we have to handle these wayward comments with grace and diplomacy, I was curious...how many of us out there have faced an oddball comment or two during our pregnancy?

Mine (from an elderly former neighbor who could be Edie McClurg's twin): "Ooh...you're getting nice and fat!" (pats my tummy) "That's not Chicago-style pizza, is it?!!"

Please feel free to reply and we can all commiserate together Smile



Re: Just for fun..."can't believe they said that!" comments (survey)

  • I walked into work last week and my boss's mom was there so I nicely said "Hello" and her response was "Hi fatso"...  Indifferent <<< that was my face lol
  • The one I hate is "Are you sure you are not having twins?"

    Or "I'm not sure how much bigger you can get!"

  • An ex manager of DH's ran into us at the store. She had never met me before and said this-"Oh you're having a boy? Well you know how to do it right the first time, then. You won't have to have any more!"

    uh, what? If the baby was a girl would that mean we'd need to try again to get the 'correct' child? The oddest thing to me is that this comment came from a woman. 

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  •  A very sweet 81 year old man, father of 6,  that gets dialysis at the same clinic as my sister has asked four times if I was gaining too much weight and how I must not gain too much!  He's such a sweet guy, but I was at my limit with those comments.  Thankfully, he didn't say that the last time I saw him.
  • A sweet older man at my church called me over and whispered to me (loud enough for others to hear...) "You're getting fat!"...he did the same thing a couple weeks later. lol...I wasn't offended since i know he was just trying to be silly, but a little shocked.
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  • I had GD with #1 also and when I was about 34 weeks I went to the ILs for my FILs bday. I had to keep declining all the sweets SMIL was trying to push on me which was super annoying and then later SMIL says, in front of everyone, "You know, if you lost some weight you probably wouldn't have diabetes" Yes, telling a pregnant woman she needs to lose weight, klassy.
  • An assistant at my DH's office (who we know doesn't really like him and who doesn't even know him that well) asked him straight off if the pregnancy was planned.  His response "Wow, no one's asked me that question."  He said nothing else.  Awkward ....
  • My supervisor feels like commenting on the way everyone eats is completely fine and I have been her prime target for months. Since i work second shift we eat dinner there and she is always saying stuff like "you should be eating more fruits and veggies" which is fine Whatever... but one day she actually commented to a coworker "i can't believe she's ordering chinese again, that baby is gonna come out addicted to salt" then said something about our new visitors log would be great to "track how healthy my baby really would be" And just last week when i actually brought in food to cook she "was so happy to see me eating a healthy meal for once". The worst part she only sees me eat twice a week so has no clue how i'm really eating and one of the days she makes sure there is not enough food for staff to eat dinner at the house. AND I have been completely healthy this pregnancy and only gained like 14 lbs. Grrrr...
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