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Pregnant...but don't really FEEL pregnant??

Anyone else in this boat? It's kind of freaking me out and I'm just holding my breath until our first doctors appointment on Dec. 21st to know it's real!

I'm 6 weeks along today and my boobs don't hurt and no m/s yet which is not a bad thing at all. My only symptoms are that I'm really bloated, breaking out and I'm emotional and crying all the time. I guess I just don't feel like I expected to feel.

Then I read somewhere recently that if you loose symptoms of pregnancy it could mean that you are going to miscarry and now I'm completely flipped out. Any advice or words of wisdom?




Re: Pregnant...but don't really FEEL pregnant??

  • yes, i just feel tired and moody then again you get that from a period, so i cant say anything about it feels pregnant 
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  • I'm 15 weeks and I have yet to feel a symptom except for slightly sore boobs.  You still have PLENTY of time for them to kick in.  Or you may never get them.  It doesn't mean anything is wrong.

    Sometimes losing/not having symptoms is related to m/c but nowhere near all the time.


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  • That book (or wherever you read that at) is completely full of sh!t and you should stop reading it immediately

    Symptoms naturally come and go, they can vary week to week and day to day.  Unless you would like to be morning sick for 9 months, you will appreciate this  lol

    It's perfectly normal not to be feeling a lot of symptoms at 6w.  With DS, it felt like I was about to start my period until about 6w.  With this one, I pretty much had no symptoms because being extra tired and emotional until 5w.

    There's perfectly healthy women who had triplets who didn't have a day of morning sickness.

    Enjoy feeling good while you can - and stop reading nonsense! 

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  • Thank you all for the great advice and for calming my nerves!! I know I need to stop reading so much...a lot of what I've read has really freaked me out. I just need to chill and thank god I don't have ms or any of the other uncomfortable symptoms. At least not yet...
  • I'll be 11 weeks on Saturday.  My symptoms did not kick in until week 7 or so and they've been pretty mild all along.  I was worried like you six weeks ago :-)  The more I talked to friends who were already moms though, the more I realized that MANY women go through their first trimester without many uncomfortable symptoms.  In fact, more of my girlfriends (and my MIL) had easy first trimesters than not. Hang in there.  Hopefully this will be an easy pregnancy for you. 
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  • My boobs only hurt and I have been very fatigued. I haven't had any morning sickness and I am sure once you feel kicks you will start to feel pregnant :)
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  • Try not to worry about it.  You may be one of the lucky few who has relatively minor pregnancy signs.  In fact, my first pregnancy was great and I just found out I was pregnant again last week (I'm about 8 weeks already)--the only things that tipped me off about this pregnancy was that I had missed my period (obvious one) and noticed that chemicals smelled a lot stronger to me than usual.  I hope you have a great pregnancy!
  • I just found out i'm pregnant about two days ago. The test that I took was one from work, it was a standard HCG test strip, however I have never used one before and I used it discretly. It had one blue line and one red line. Another gal in the office said that its positive, but I feel a little hesatant to believe it....

    I have had sore boobs and one major mood swing, I had about a week of feeling nauseas but it seems like once I found out, my symptoms stopped...

    I am afraid that it may have been a false positive, and I am freaking out!

    I am going to buy a test over the counter when I get paid but does anyone know how the hospital supplied HCG test strips work??

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  • You're not alone! My symptoms disappear, lessen, or reappear daily. I've read similar negative articles, but like other posters have said, every pregnancy is different and can change day to day. I remind myself not to worry too much since I'm not having terrible cramping or bleeding.

    I hope I'll feel a lot better at my first appt. Dec 17. And you on the 21! :-) 

  • image AnnaRedhead:

    Anyone else in this boat? It's kind of freaking me out and I'm just holding my breath until our first doctors appointment on Dec. 21st to know it's real!

    I'm 6 weeks along today and my boobs don't hurt and no m/s yet which is not a bad thing at all. My only symptoms are that I'm really bloated, breaking out and I'm emotional and crying all the time. I guess I just don't feel like I expected to feel.

    Then I read somewhere recently that if you loose symptoms of pregnancy it could mean that you are going to miscarry and now I'm completely flipped out. Any advice or words of wisdom?




    Calm down! Those are symptoms. Very common, very real pregnancy symptoms. All women get different symptoms to different degrees. You're not going to have a checklist of every single symptoms. Sore boobs and m/s are just two of a long list of symptoms, of which you are experiencing three big ones.  Don't read to much into what you're experiencing versus what others are experiencing or what it means for your pregnancy, unless you're having cramping accompanied by bright red bleeding. Then worry. Otherwise, try to chill.  :)

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  • I have lots of moments of feeling the same way as you do.  I'm almost 5 weeks, but sometimes wonder if everything is really cooking in there.  I'm sure it's normal to think and feel this way.  
  • Don't worry!? Consider yourself lucky.? I am the same way.? I am nearly 7 weeks and the only symptoms I have are nipple soreness that comes and goes and a stuffy nose (really only notice it at night).? I freaked out all last week because my nipple soreness would be there one day, then go days without it.? Also I had on and off nausea during week 4.? I just went to my RE yesterday and had an ultrasound and we saw the baby's heart beat nice and strong, so try not to worry.? They can come and go.?
  • I've been feeling the same way, I'm 6 and a half weeks pregnant and I've had some nausea, but mainly just sore breasts. But we had an ultrasound today and we saw the heartbeat, so I feel so much better.  Maybe you're just one of those lucky people who doesn't getting sick, try not to worry too much :)
  • I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks. I called the OB that day and they didn't need to see me until 12 weeks. Now at 13, even after hearing the heartbeat I don't feel pregnant. Plenty of symptoms, but I just don't feel pregnant. Thanks for posting this! I feel better now too!

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  • I have been super fortunate that I have yet to have a single symptom. I think I've been overtired one day. And I felt bloated for like 2 around 4-5 weeks. I am 7 weeks now and still feel great.
  • I am in my 18th week and sometimes I don't feel pregnant. I know I am because I still get sick often (which if you don't feel then I would not complain haha). Sometimes I think I feel it kick but I'm unsure. Every morning I used to wake up and think, I'm not pregnant anymore, something happened, but then I'll go to the doctor and hear the heartbeat or see it on the ultrasound screen.

    When I was first pregnant I sometimes forgot I was pregnant because I didn't feel like I was and didn't have symptoms. But I only got to feel that way for a little while before the sickness came back.

  • I was feeling the exact same way! I'm 15 weeks pregnant and all I've felt is sore boobs, and even that isn't a daily occurrence. I was SO worried the other day that I even went out and bought another pregnancy test. It was positive, of course, but I just had to be sure. I go back to the doctor next week and I'll talk to her about my lack of symptoms. Maybe she'll have some advice for me!
  • Don't Freak out!!! I was worried about that too. at the beginning I had NO symptoms at all. No morning sickness, no pains, nothing! i wasn't even tired so you can relax knowing everyones different! and every pregnancy is different! As for losing the symptoms of pregnancy, I don't think you'll have to worry about that right now, your body is going through tons of changes and don't freak out if one symptom goes away, and a different symptom arises. totally normal. if you are really worried about something, go ahead and talk to your doctor. but what your feeling is normal, so don't stress yourself too much. I hope this helps even if its just a little bit!!!! take care and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!!! 
  • Wow. I am so glad someone posted about this. TY!.... I am in the same boat.........I've only been off the pill for only a month, I took my first pregnancy test two days ago and it was positive.... So now I have to wait unitl Tuesday (2 more days) for the docs to confirm it....It's just so surreal to me and I have absolutely no symptoms; I am hoping that the text isn't a fake positive Indifferent (Is that even possible?)


  • Thanks for posting this! I am 7 weeks 6 days pregnant. I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. So I am waiting until Tuesday and I will be further than before. I went for my 7 week ultrasound on Wednesday. I heard the heartbeat 140 bpm. Wow!!!! Hang in there I have yet to have any symptoms and I'm glad. My doc was telling me the horrors of morning sickness maybe it will miss us. Best of wishes to you!!!!
  • No worries!! I am about 13 weeks pregnant and had the same fears as you. I have not had any symptoms except for breast soreness for a couple of weeks and I also read that no symptoms could mean a miscarriage but then I quickly learned to stop reading everything :)

    DH and I had our first appt. last week and heard the heartbeat -- nice and strong. I would not worry; you are pregnant!! Enjoy the fact that you are in the blessed 5% of women who have no symptoms.


  • Don't worry! I'm 16 weeks and never got sick or experienced half of the symptoms my friends did during their pregnancies. I always look forward to my appointments so I can hear the heartbeat because that's the only real indication I have that I'm pregnant! My doctor told me that around week 20 I'll look and FEEL pregnant.
  • Reading all the responses has made me feel better!  I am 10ws 2 days and have had few symptoms: breast soreness/growth, fatigue and some mood swings.  A bit of nausea a few morning but no real morning sickness.  I worry about it on and off because of the horror stories out there but I try to focus on the fact that I feel great and have had no concerned pain or bleeding.  Maybe I will be one of the lucky ones too that avoids the dreaded m/s. 
  • I agree with the other ladies just because you don't have symptoms does not mean you are miscarrying.

    I'm 21 weeks along and often don't feel pregnant. The only thing reminding me right now is movement and my ever bulging belly. At the beginning of my pregnancy I didnt have m/s, my boobs didnt hurt until i was 10 weeks pregnant

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