2nd Trimester

hating my husband for no reason!!!

finally reached 6 months of pregnancy.  after getting over 3 months of extreme all day sickness and problems with the condition of the uterus, there hasn't been a moment to enjoy the pregnancy.

must be no intimacy and sex life that is getting to me.  been together with my husband for 11 yrs and married for little over 1yr and this is the first time we are actually drifting apart....well, that's how i feel at this moment.

just don't like him these days.  feels like he doesn't care.  feels like he is not going through this pregnancy with me.  been mean to him and feel bad about that too.  ahhhh~ trying to shake this feeling off.



Re: hating my husband for no reason!!!

  • It's hormones.  I have totally been there.  It's scary and it feels so real and like it might never get better, but it's a hormone thing and it will get better.  The best thing you can do is grit your teeth and bare through it.  Try to be nice, even though you don't feel like it sometimes.  Don't bother trying to explain it to him.  He won't get it.  Good luck!  It will pass!!
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  • Hormones! hang in there. I go through my moments with DH too but luckily for the most part I'm ok with him but I do know that feeling of even looking at him would make me go "ugh! I can't stand him" lol My mother went through the same and she seems to think it has to do with the sex of the baby you're expecting lol.

    I have told my husband "I'll be a total *** one day and love you the next, please be patiente with me" he seems to ignore my bad moods which is good since I feel guilty after mean to him lol Good luck, hope it gets better for you

  • Hello there! It is hormonal, and part of it is just being a woman, period. I 've been married for 9+ years, two kiddos (#3 on the way). No, they do not get it, especially in the last part of the pregnancy. They get a bewildered look on their face and look at you like you are crazy (and still dare to ask you, "Honey, what's wrong?"). I would encourage you to write it down. That always helped me vent, while yet having time to communicate w/DH & let him know that I love him, and that I still desire to have some sort of communication & connection with him. We made / make it a point to sit down & talk (or stand, if you feel more comfortable!) for at least 15 or more minutes - even before we would watch a movie, or check our e-mails, etc.. It is extremely important that you both discover a way to connect & communicate (even if it is other than physical) during your pregnancy. It will make the after life more pleasant as well. You will feel tired of him, but it doesn't mean that you both can't enjoy one another. Hope & strength are passed your way today!

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