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Crying of a can opener!!

Last night I get home from work and go to start dinner.  Nothing fancy, Spagetting and meat sauce. I find we are out of already prepared sauce, again, no biggie, I go to get a can of tomato sauce to make some homemade real quick. 

I go to open the can and the damn can opener will not work.  No matter what I try I can not get it to turn!!  I got so frustrated I started bawling!  I yell up to DH that he needs to come down here and I tell him whats going on and he just starts laughing!!  I had to laugh to cause the idea of crying over a broken can opener is pretty funny!!  Gotta love the hormones!!

Re: Crying of a can opener!!

  • I totally understand.

    H was making a mixed CD the other night and asked if I wanted a copy. I told him what songs I wanted and he said I had terrible taste in music. This caused me to sob for about 10 minutes. Bahaha.

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  • I spilled a glass of liquid on our kitchen floor a few weeks ago when I was cleaning up, and I was already in a bad mood. So I sat on the kitchen floor, sobbing, mopping up the drink with a bath towel, and my boyfriend comes in and sees what I'm doing, and asks, "Why are you crying?" I pointed to the floor, and he says "Is that milk?"

    The realization that I was crying over spilled milk caused me to only sob harder, (as I saw how ridiculous I was being), and laugh at the same time, which probably made me look like a crazy woman.

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  • I too have sobbed over spilt milk.  After thrusting myself up from the couch to waddle to the kitchen to pour said glass of milk to waddle back to living room and fall onto couch only to kick coffee table with my giant puffy foot sending aforementioned glass of milk all over the floor.......  I just sat & cried while DH mopped up the mess & assured me it would be ok & he'd fetch me a new glass.

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  • I cried last night because DH couldn't remember how much I told him the bedding I wanted to buy was. Embarrassed I didn't want him to see me cry about it so I ran into the bathroom as soon as we walked into the office building we were going to. Sobbed for a few minutes and then proceeded to come out all red faced with bloodshot eyes as if nothing happened.
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  • I came back home from being out one night, and I couldn't get the door locked.. I tried and tried.. but it won't turn.. I lost it right there.. cried for about 10 mins

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