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where your organic milk is coming from

Hi ladies,

I thought I'd post this. Many of us are making the effort and spending the extra cash to feed our LOs organic. However, some labels can be deceiving and the "organic milk" is coming from non ecologically friendly factory farms or perhaps not as organic as we think. many brands purchase from other companies/dairies, which may be from factory farms that do not regulate their practices as much as one would hope. YET, it's all very expensive, no matter the source. I have been using this guide to determine which organic products i will spend my money on



Re: where your organic milk is coming from

  • As long as it's hormone free, from grass eating cows, I'm good. And as long as it has the USDA organic label too. There are standards. Quit trying to scare people.
  • dude, not trying to scare you. i'm not saying this will poison your child! i'm just saying, if you're going to spend the extra money, and have three or four milks to choose from in your dairy case, why not go with the one not trying to rip you off!

    no fear mongering here!

  • Thanks for the info. Smile
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  • Thanks for the link, that was an interesting read.  I'm glad both the yogurt and milk we've been giving DD is rated in the 4's.
  • This list was compiled by a small-farm advocacy group. What this means: the small farms receive a higher rating, the larger producers will naturally receive a lower rating.Read their website:

     There are dairy practices that are able to maintain ethically organic products and also run a larger farm, but that isn't reflected on this chart.

    This looks like a bit of a scare tactic by the "organization."

  • true. I think its good to do research on both sides...which a lot of us don't have time to do. I am a sucker for organic, but it makes me mad that some companies do take advantage of those of us who are willing to spend the extra cash. a typical busy mom will pick up the product with the label full of promises, and often there are things that are misleading naming your source xxxx farms, when actually it's not a farm at all, but only a brand of their milk line,  and actually the milk is being bought from a different dairy. sometimes that's no big deal. but it all depends if you're avoiding certain companies, just to find out the other brand is purchasing from that company!

    I just thought it was an interesting read, since there are often different sides to the story. I have been on this board long enough to see people posting about why feeding organic is imortant to them, yet some of the products chosen may actually be worse than some conventional products. again, we're busy moms...we don't always have time to figure out where all our food is coming from....but i try to support smaller famer owned dairies that don't overexhaust their cows.  

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