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39 weeks 6 day appt

I was thoroughly disappointed after hearing that I was 1.5 cm dilated right before Thanksgiving to no change last week. So, today I went in with the thought I might be spending NYE in the hospital @ this rate when dr. checked and I was 3 cm! She said looks like any day now! Now I'm still not feeling good bcuz I know some women can stay @ 3 for @ least another week or two....I really hate not having control Tongue Tied

Re: 39 weeks 6 day appt

  • It is so interesting how different doctors handle these situations.  I am 39 weeks today.  I went in yesterday and had an internal.  No change from the week before which meant I was still closed tight.  No dilation, no effacement, baby hasn't dropped. 

    That being said my doctor has already scheduled my induction for next Tuesday when I am 40 weeks.  I thought for sure they would let me go to 41 weeks, but she said considering I haven't had any progress she doesn't want to wait. 

    I am surprised that doctors would let women go until 42 weeks.  Considering baby size and the placenta.

    But the truth is plain to see:She was sent to rescue me,I see who I wanna be, in my daughter's eyes

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  • My whole pregnancy the Dr. has been firm on waiting 10 days past the due date to induce. They would rather see you go naturally and lower the risk of c-section.

    However, as of my 39 week 2 day appointment I am a good 2 cm's and 50 %effaced and will cal the OB tomorrow to set up my inducing date for next week (mon-wed) most likely.

    I look at is as, well at least there is a date set up, but if she comes earlier great!

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  • I went to the doc today, tomorrow is my due date. I am 75% effaced, not dilated at all, and at a -1 station. I was given an appointment to go into the hospital Tuesday night for an induction first thing on Wednesday morning. That day will be my 41st week. I am really praying she comes on her own before then though!

  • Aww, yeah, it sucks not knowing when it's going to happen.  Plus you're almost 40 weeks and I think I'd be getting frustrated at that point too.

    I'm only 37 weeks 1 day and I've been 3 cm since last Thursday.  No signs of labor yet and it's been almost a week =X

    Did she at least tell you how far past your due date she'd let you go?

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  • everyone here seems to be getting checked, i had my appointment today and i am 39weeks and 2days, but i still haven't been checked. all i know is the baby has dropped and i am preying to god that my baby will be here soon. i also didn get told when i will be induced if i go overdue. everywhere must be differant.

  • I didn't get checked until my 39 week appointment, so I think that is normal. A lot of people seem to be checked every week after 37 weeks though so I felt it was odd as well. I am suprised at the amount of ladies who are getting induction dates when they still have like two weeks to go though!
  • Just take a peek down at your ticker where it says patiently awaiting Stick out tongue

    I know it's frustrating. I'm upon the eve of my EDD and barely get a contraction a day much less anything timable. Don't worry your LO won't be going to kindergarten via the uterus (although it feels like that at times!)

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