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Ferro Sequels for anemia?

My doctor recommended that I take an otc iron supplement, Ferrosequels. I have been taking them for the last three days and yesterday I woke up with a rash. I thought that I should look online to see what I can find out about this drug (in reference to pregnancy). I found that it may interact with my underactive thyroid medication and that it is not known what the side effects are on an unborn baby. Holy Crap! I don't want to take it anymore and I will call my doctor in the morning about it, but what do you guys think? SHould I keep taking it since I AM anemic or should I stop and ask my doctor for a different type of iron pill?

Re: Ferro Sequels for anemia?

  • If your o/b told you to take it then I would assume that it is on their approved lists. They should know if it would have interacted with your other meds though. It's just iron so if you don't take it tonight and call tomorrow you will be fine but definitely call and discuss your concerns.
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  • I swore this post was about feral squirrels.

    Anyway, as for tonight, that is a tough call. Do they have someone on call, or maybe your hospital has a nurse's hotline? Or maybe you can call the pharmacy that filled the script?



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  • Um well this is my 3rd pregnancy and I have taken Ferro-sequels during each per my obs orders because they are more gentle on your system(less constipating) than plain iron. What are you on for thyroid med? I take 100mcg of Synthroid. It is merely acting as a synthetic of what your thyroid isnt producing. The "reaction" you are talking about is this-if you take the 2 together the Synthroid will not get absorped properly. So your underactive thyroid will remain underactive. Also the synthroid must be taken on an empty stomach. So all you do is take synthroid first thing in am and can take the Ferro-sequels anytime 4 hours after that.
  • My OB recommended Ferrosequels as well, so I assumed that meant they were safe for pregnancy...
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