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Ugh... rough day. I need some encouragement. (breech LO)

I had a great 36 week appointment today, everything looks good so far. My MW did an internal just to make sure I wasn't dilating too much too soon- I'm dilated to 1 cm, my cervix is soft and ready to go. Yay!

But wait, what's that presenting part the MW feels- hand or foot? She sent me over for an u/s, and it's definitely a foot. As in footling breech, c-section waiting to happen, can't deliver at the birthing center, exact opposite of what we have been planning for.

Ugh, I'm freaking out right now. We have an appointment with an OB on Thursday to talk about/schedule a version, and right now I'm stuck on the couch drowning myself in fluids to make a version easier. I'm so scared.

I need some happy stories of cooperative babies who turned on their own or easily with a version, please!!


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Re: Ugh... rough day. I need some encouragement. (breech LO)

  • Good luck!  I don't have any stories to share, but there were some a few weeks ago (maybe 3 weeks) on this board, maybe you could search back a bit to find them.

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    Natural miscarriage on 12-27-09 at 11.5 weeks.

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  • what about going to a chiro trained in webster technique first? There is lots of success with that and not dangerous like a version (though I would try that at term if I needed to).

    Also acupuncure can work as well

    Spend some time when baby is moving doing hands and knees and cat dogs and try to encourage baby to move ;) GL

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  • There are suggestions for turning a breech baby at I wish I had known ahead of time, so I could have tried them! My baby flipped in the last few weeks (to breech, unfortunately), so it's very possible that yours has room to move.
  • My sister's 3rd baby was breech. She went in to hopefully get it turned, but in the waiting room she felt a whole lot of movement. By the time they were ready for her, Baby was head down! 

    Hope it works out for you!

    Do try hands+knees/cats+dogs 

  • My friend had an external version at around 37 weeks, and it went great! The baby turned, and stayed that way. She was able to have a vaginal birth. She had been using the Hypnobabies home study course, so she practiced the methods during the version.
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  • I posted some tips on the other post about a transverse breech.  Just wanted to say best wishes to you! 
  • Definitely check out  I used it to turn DS when he was breech fairly late in the game (I don't remember if he turned around 34 - 37 weeks - somewhere in there).  I was putting off a version until the last possible moment and just about got there, but he did turn on his own.  There have been some recent successes with versions here on the board lately, too.  Good luck!!
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