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Ugh-Gestational Diabetes and Rant

My level was 147  after the 1 hour last week. 

Today my fasting level was 140!!  I didn't even have to take the 3 hour.  My dr. was called and the office said to not bother because I am def. diabetic!

The nurse practitioner called me and responded to my fears of taking my blood sugar by basically telling me to suck it up!  I am a mother and most mothers would do anything for their children! Thank you biatch!  I did have weekly blood test the entire 1st trimester due to a progesterone problem.  I did have 2 1 hour tests and todays blood test. Not like I have been neglecting my health or that of baby! I have a genuine fear of finger sticks. She said she understands fear but mothers have to be rational!  Thanks lady!

I am being sent to a diabetes clinic. I will have to diet, check blood sugar 4 times a day, and probably go on insulin according to nurse practioner.

Not what I was expecting! 

Re: Ugh-Gestational Diabetes and Rant

  • It's normal to be upset and angry over a gd diagnosis.

    For the finger sticks, they will start you off at a 3 (for the needle thingy). Turn it down to a 2 or a 1 and stick the side of your finger, not the finger pad. It will hurt a lot less.

    You are allowed to have a fear of finger sticks but with practice you'll come to see that it's easier than you expected. Take heart! You are not alone.

  • I'm on round 2 of GD.   The finger sticks don't hurt at all.   

    Last pregnancy I failed the 3 hour miserably.   This time I barely failed.   In fact, I passed the fasting and 3rd hour with flying colors.  Hour 1 and 2 I barely failed.   Crap.    So so close.

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  • I was diagnosed with GD about 3 weeks ago & thought it was the end of the world.  BUT, it's not nearly as awful as I originally anticipated.  I'm not a fan of the needle stick either, but you do get used to it.  As another mom said, dial it down to 2 or 1 so it doesn't go as deep & stick the side of your finger - it hurts less.  Rotate fingers too - it's like they "anticipate" the pain....so if you sneak up on a new finger it's not as painful.

    I didn't have GD with my 1st, so this was totally new to me.  More painful has been changing the diet as I'm a complete Carb Addict.

    Good luck!

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  • Here's the thing, it's not the end of the world. You have 8 weeks left to eat differently and to check your blood sugars and then you'll have your baby and life will return to normal. I know it's scary and overwhelming, but it's not THAT big of a deal, you know? You'll be fine, just take care of yourself.

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  • It definitely sucks. I was diagnosed right before Thanksgiving and was devastated. And terrified because I've been terrified of needles my entire life. The thought of doing it myself was so horrific, when I did it the first time I had to sit down and put my head down because I thought I was going to pass out. But it really isn't that bad at all and I'm totally used to it now. You'll be ok!!
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  • GD sucks mostly because you can't eat what and when you want, but that's a minor sacrifice.  I'm not thrilled with it, but it's over soon. 

    I prick my fingers 5 times a day and take 4 shots a day.  Oh well.

    People like Cruelsound have to worry about diabetes their whole life.  You could have it worse.  




  • I often pass out from shots and bw, and I've been doing the needle pricks and it's really no big deal.  The worse part, for me at least, is that loud click of the pricker.  You really don't feel the stick.  I was worried I'd need DHs help, at least until I got used to it, but it's really no big deal at all.

    GD sucks and takes a bit to get used to, but you'll figure it out.  The anticipation is the worst part.

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  • I think the insulin shots hurt less than the finger sticks.  At least you will be used to those and then the insulin will feel like a breeze.

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