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No period yet... anyone else?

LO will be 5 mos next week. I EBF and still haven't seen AF. Anyone else? If you had a late returning period did it arrive soon after moving to solids? I'm starting to get a little worried as I want to TTC baby #2 in the spring.

Re: No period yet... anyone else?

  • No period here...I don't even know when we're supposed to get it while EBFing? Not trying to conceive anytime soon, so I wasn't that concerned.
  • My OB told me I might not get one while BFing and I may have to stop if I want to conceive, but it seems like the other moms I know BFing with babies have had their periods. So I feel like odd one out and was starting to get concerned.
  • nope :) 

    a few of my friends got ku w/o getting their period (they were also ebfing) 



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  • Nothing here. Not complaining!

  • I have not gotten mine yet.  I wish I would so I could stop spending so much money on pregnancy tests for my peace of mind.

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    Nothing here. Not complaining!


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  • Mine is MIA also.  Not complaining.  I keep forgetting I'm supposed to have one.  I'm on the mini pill though, don't know if that has anything to do with it.
  • I am BFing, and no period.  It's normal to not get one as long as you are BFing.  If you want to TTC, you may need to cut back on the BFing.
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  • None here and I love it!  I hope to make it as long as possible without one!  

    We're not TTC anytime soon (Jan 2012 at the earliest) so it can stay away until next December for all I care!  

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  • Nothing here and we are TTC. Ha! We'll see what happens...
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  • My DD just turned 6 months and I haven't had it yet either--no complaints!  But, I am a little concerned about WHEN I will get it.  I teach Middle School girls and they are always so freaked out about when their first period will start and will it be at school.  I have to say, I have complete empathy for them now--I am worried about the same thing!
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  • I had one around 8wks PP, and haven't had one since.  I'm loving it.

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    Nothing here. Not complaining!

    Me neither!  It's been so nice not having to deal with itYes  I wish we could just flip a switch if and when we wanted to conceve again, but anywho....I feel like it may come on soon though.  I've been starting to feel similar sensations as I used to when I would ovulate.

  • No period and didn't get it with DD1 until she was 9 months old. Some women don't get their period until they completely wean.
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    I had one around 8wks PP, and haven't had one since.  I'm loving it.

    Same for me!  I hope it stays away.  I do POAS every few weeks, though, just to be sure. Stick out tongue

  • I just got mine a week and a half ago, so don't speak too soon. I started cereal at 4 months and baby food the week before I started. When I started solids, I backed off on EBF and eased in some formula, so that was probably part of it.
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  • I am still BFing.  My LO is just over 9 months old.  I got my period for the first time a few weeks ago.  It was EXTREMELY heavy for about two days, which is not normal for me.
  • With my DD I got my period back when she turned 9 months.  She was BF and started solids at 6 months.  My cycle was just starting to regulate around 12 months when we started weaning off BFing.  It stayed very irregular for another 3-4 months after that.  It varies a great deal from woman to woman as I had a friend who EBF and got her cycle back at 2 months! 
  • I was only able to BF for Vivenne's first 3 weeks of life.  So at exactly 6 weeks PP I got my first period and have had it in irregular cycles ever since.
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  • I'm at 5mo PP, fertility signs are coming back but no period yet.

    BF delays fertility depending on how often you do it and how far PP you are.  Some women have over a year of infertility (usually EBF).  Some women can see a return of fertile signs as early as 3 weeks (usually formula-fed).  Most EBFers don't see a return until after you start on solids.

    If you're not on HBC, you can use a fertility microscope or pay attention to your cervical mucus to see if your fertility is coming back.  If you don't see those signs coming back, you might have to cut back on BF when the time calls for it.   Maybe you can store up on breast milk now so if you have to cut back you'll have some for LO.

  • I have 6 children...youngest being 10.5 months old.

    I have not had a cycle since he was born...I am pregnant again...EDD 07/05/2011 (2 left).

     This has happened after each of my children were born. It took 6-12 months to have a cycle again. And 4 of the 7 times, I got pregnant before my cycle showed up.

    I breastfed exclusively for the first 6-9 months (depending on child).

    I enjoyed not having it...however glad when it came, when I was not trying to get pregnant. When we were trying, every month that it did come, I had a bad day and cryed a lot.

  • Still no AF here. My pedi said most women don't get it while BFing. But you can still ovulate and get pg. So maybe buy a couple ovulation kits when you want to start trying cause you obviously can't base it on two weeks post period!! GL! I don't miss AF at all!! Haha. My DD is almost 8 months old, going on two years without! I'm scared to stop bfing. AF is going to come back with a vengeance!
  • I nursed my son for 5 years and 9 months with no period until the month before he weaned.  I think the period beginning caused changes to my milk supply and so our breastfeeding relationship ended very peacefully and quickly.  A year later I tried to get pregnant and it happened on the first try!  It was nice not having to worry about periods for almost 6 years.  I think if you still don't have your period while nursing, your body is not ready for another pregnancy.  Give your baby lots of one on one attention and when the time is right your toddler will be mature enough to need less nursing and your body will be ready for the demands of pregnancy.  Enjoy period freedom!
  • FYI, Dollar General has very accurate and reliable PTs for $1/test. I've used them for all 3 of my pregnancies and all were right! Love the price. I did the same thing once my son started solids. It was my monthly routine and by the time he was 13 months old I was 6 weeks pregnant. Hope that helps!



  • I'm only intending on breastfeeding my daughter for the first year. I still haven't had my period and she will be 7 months old soon. I am also on the mini pill. I love not having a period however, I can't imagine breastfeeding my daughter until she is 5. To each his own, I love the bond with my daughter but I look forward to eventually having my own body back at some point.
  • I EBF'd and didn't get my period until DS was about 10 months old and barely nursing at all.  It's still pretty hit or miss (he'll be one year old soon).  I think my experience is pretty normal, so just enjoy the time with no period, and keep in mind that your body's programmed to do this so you don't overtax yourself.
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