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college failing

My husband was wonderful enough to give his military paid college education to me, however, it seems that there isn't a college that will offer me a graduate program that is flexable enough to move to online courses if we are re-stationed. Since we cant know how long we'll be stationed somewhere me getting an the education i want is becoming impossible. Its just really upsetting to know that the two things I want most in the world, my education and to be with my family, are not working out. 

Re: college failing

  • Since you're in Missouri, I'm guessing you're stationed at Fort Leonard Wood.  Here's the info for their Education Center:  http://www.wood.army.mil/edc/

    They might have better info about which colleges to work with  :)

    I had a terrible time finishing my degree in Japanese language while DH was enlisted.  Obviously I can't take online classes and not very many colleges on the East Coast offer bachelor programs or even basic classes on anything Japanese.  I had to wait until DH was accepted into MECEP (I think the Army calls it the Green to Gold program).  We were stationed back home in Oregon long enough for me to finish my degree while he finished his. 

    Just be patient and flexible - just because it can't be done right now doesn't mean it's never going to happen.  GL! 

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  • Liberty university highest ranking university and VERY VERY military friendly. I got my BA in Business this past summer and am currently getting a MBA there. I am not in the military however I have A lot of military folks in my classes.


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  • I completed my online BA last December at Ashford University & attended with many enlisted military from all over the world. They were wonderful to deal with & have a very good variety of online Master's programs to choose from.
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  • Fhsu.edu and baker.edu  both have graduate programs and are good reputable schools. 
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  • You cannot use YH's GI Bill until he has been in for 6 years, and he also has to agree to serve more time as a condition (4 more years I believe), sorry.

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  • image JillyWtP:

    You cannot use YH's GI Bill until he has been in for 6 years, and he also has to agree to serve more time as a condition (4 more years I believe), sorry.

    I'm thinking she might mean MyCAA?

    OP, I would look at community college in your area. It's a lot of bang for your buck. I think it's best to avoid online only university until you've got a general foundation. And then make sure you select a properly accredited university, and preferably a not for profit university. 

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