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Anyone's husband get a vasectomy?

My DH and I are finished having children, very happy with our two, I know we are done.   He is scheduled to have a vasectomy in 2 weeks and I feel weird.  I know I do not want any more children, but wondering if it is to early since DS is so young. 

Wondering if anyone's DH has had or is having a vasectomy?  Wondering how long he should wait to have it.  Are we getting it to early since DS is so young?

Re: Anyone's husband get a vasectomy?

  • I say if you question it, which you sound like you are... wait.
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  • I asked him if he wanted to and he said no.  And I don't want my tubes tied, so I can't fault him for that answer.  It seems so final to me I guess....
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    I say if you question it, which you sound like you are... wait.


  • Mine had one about a month ago.  We are also done with our two.  It takes a couple of months to be effective so we waited until LO was about two months old.  Feel free to ask if you have any more questions!
  • We are pretty sure we are done at 2.  However, we are waiting a few years just to make sure.  Also, like you said, God forbid something were to happen...I just didn't feel comfortable w/ him doing something so permanent right now.  I'm getting an IUD in a couple weeks.  I figure, that will cover us for 5 years and we will know by then.  I will get it removed and he can get the vasectomy.  If you are having doubts, talk to him about it.  As long as you have reliable birth control, I don't see the issue w/ waiting.

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  • DH will be getting one.  We originally settled on March.  He's in the military and has to do a physical training test, which was scheduled for Feb, so he had to wait til after that.  Since then, he's had some health issues that will push his PT test back, so we are unsure now of when he'll get the vasectomy.  That was a long explanation, lol, but DH is definitely getting one, and as soon as he can.  We know 100% that we are done having children, and he knows that if something happened to me, god forbid, and he remarried that he is absolutely done having children period.  Because we are so sure, we aren't worried about how young DS is.  If you are having doubts or feeling weird about it, maybe waiting is a good idea.  GL!
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  • If you are second guessing, you should wait.  I wish my DH was willing to get one.  He's being a giant baby about it so I am going to get the Paragard tomorrow. 
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