positive but long

I just have to say for all you new preemie moms it gets better.  After having my baby girl early, I had feelings of guilt, depression, anger with myself, jealousy of "normal births", resentful of the NICU and its rules, anger with the hospital, annoyance with anyone who that I was a "bubble mother" and too cautious, ashamed of not having her on time...I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.  I had to call 911 the second day she was home because she choked in her sleep.  We've been through staying at the Ronald McDonald house, plastic surgery, lawyers, therapists, acid reflux, having to sleep with her in my arms afraid to sleep at night, not being able to breastfeed because she wouldn't take and having to pump all her milk, insomnia, guilt, guilt and more guilt.

But Lucy has amazed us all.  She has hit all her milestones early or on time for her age not adjusted.  She has shown me that it is all okay, that it wasn't my fault that she came early.  That she came when she needed to.  That God did not turn his back on us.  She is my hero and through her I have become a real strong woman. 


Preemie Mom's are Bad a**, don't forge that!

Re: positive but long

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