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Christmas Traditions

Is anyone starting a chritmas tradition with their LO? I was thinking about getting my LO a snowbaby each Christmas, but that is boring, I'm searching for ideas

Re: Christmas Traditions

  • Mine might seem boring too. We are doing new PJs and a story book xmas eve night.
  • I won't until she's 3 or so. I grew up in Germany and there are a few traditions I'd like to bring her up with. We used to leave our shoes on the front step to be filled by St.Nikolaus, always had Advent calendars and wreaths and a "kid tree" to decorate with durable ornaments instead of Mommy's fragile heirlooms.

    And there's got to be cookies. Warm, soft, spicy Leibkuchen! Num!

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  • We're giving our children an ornament each year so that when they leave the nest they'll have a set.

    Reading Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve.

    New pjs on Xmas Eve (but this year we won't be doing it...too young).

    Bakin Xmas cut out sugar cookies and leave them out for Santa. 

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  • She'll get one present Christmas eve (PJs), read The Night Before Christmas, and obviously we'll be leaving Santa cookies and milk and the reindeer carrots.
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  • Our kids will get an ornament each year

    read Twas the Night before Christmas each year

    get christmas pajamas each year

    bake christmas eve cookies (when they are older)

    advent Bible study each sunday leading up to Christmas

    church on christmas eve

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  • I started a charm bracelet for DD.  Each Christmas I am getting her a new charm for it based on the big event in her life for the year.  I am going to do something for DS, but haven't decided what yet.
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  • Our traditions with LO are that she will get a new Hallmark ornament from the same series every year, a new pair of xmas pj's for xmas eve, we will open all of our gifts xmas eve and get Santa gifts xmas morning.
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