2nd Trimester

Enter to win $100 at the spa!

The Joy of Spa is bringing Bumpies the gift of relaxation by giving away FIVE $100 gift certificates!

To enter to win, tell us - what do you do as a treat or splurge just for you? 

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Offiical rules here. Sweeps ends 12/12.


Re: Enter to win $100 at the spa!

  • Since I have a 21 month old son, I don't have much time to treat myself. But when I do get a few hours of downtime, I take a hot shower and a nap, since I've been so exhausted and stressed this pregnancy. It would be wonderful to win a spa treatment since that's not in our budget right now!
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  • I love treating myself to a mani/pedi when I can! I normally have my mom take DS for a few hours so I can spend the day doing my own thing, such as a mani/pedi, and maybe some shopping too.


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  • When I need to relax I take a bubble bath.  I've had a lot of aches and pains the past few weeks and a bath really helps.
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  • I treat myself to extra sleep. Being pregnant plus having a very active 14mo makes me pretty tired, so some nights I barely make it to 9pm before I am in bed!
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  • I go get pedicures or a massage. Although, I haven't had a massage in over a year and right now I could really use one on my aching back.

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  • I have a very active 2 year old who recently decided he doesn't want to take afternoon naps anymore so I don't get a whole lot of time to myself.  On the rare occasion that I can get him to take a nap, I usually treat myself to taking a nap as well.  I would love a trip to the spa :) 
  • About the most I ever get away with is a hot bath. :)
  • Between being pregnant and recently switching jobs, I find that I rarely get to pamper myself much anymore. I do still occasionally find time for a mani/pedi, and a massage is one of my most absolute favorite things in the world. My favorite thing is to probably run a hot bath, light a few candles, put on some relaxing music, and enjoy reading in a hot bath. I could use a trip to the spa so much!
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  • I am the mother of 3 boys ages 6,3 and 4 months old. Since normally everyday is busy running around, I love to take a long hot showers once or twice a month without the interruption of any of the kids. Than hop out to put some pjs on and read a book with a glass of wine.
  • Well lately since my hormones been going crazy and my husband works around the clock and leaves me home alone, I been buying little things for our unborn child like socks, onesies, etc. That seems to relax and comfort me so very much. I also recently just treated myself to getting my hair done, a mani/pedi and a trip to the movies to lift my spirits

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  • ill b 9 months friday & i dont really do much for myself everything has been about my lil man & gettin everything ready for him...everyone says i need to worry & treat myself b4 he gets here but its kinda hard cuz all i wanna do it get stuff for him & make sure he has everything he needsimage
  • I have a new baby who is 4 months old. I'm a stay at home mom and wife. I always tell my husband I would love to go to the spa, however we don't really have the money right now. So I do other things when I have time to relax, such as, sipping a glass of wine, taking a hot bubble bath and painting my toes or going to the library to check out some books.

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  • To relax, I like to turn on my music and head to the gym!  Even if I don't work out hard just moving while listening to music is a great de-stresser.  Once the baby comes I'm hoping I can still fit time into my schedule for workouts!

  • I have a 27 month old and one due in mid-January. My getaway is a trip to the grocery store by myself or when I get really lucky a haircut! I would love some time alone at the spa, not just somewhere to get my hair cut quick before I have to get home to my little one.
  • A hot bath with Kiehls bath salts and a nice glass of wine.
  • Oh this would be wonderful! I'd get a Pedi or a massage. My back has been killing me lately.
  • I am a firm believe in "me time" and I try to do something like a bath with bubbles and candles, a chapter in a book or a massage to get in that time. I have an infant so it's never about me anymore =) I am ok with that!

  • Since my DD was born 2 1/2yrs ago I havent had time to myself, pampering myself usually consists of having a piece of cake or some cookies and milk and getting DD to sit down with me to watch a show on TV before we both head to bed. And that has become more and more rare. During this pregnancy I havent had ANY time to relax there always seems to be something important that has to get done before LO comes. So the most relaxing thing Ive done during this pregnancy has been assembling the crib and rearranging DDs bedroom.
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  • Finding time to splurge is not easy since I work full time and have a 10 month old son.  Once a week I try to do some pampering after my son goes to sleep.  I will spend about half an hour giving my self a facial and a foot soak to relax.  It isn't much, but it helps.
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  • I had a girls afternoon with my Mother and Sister in law a couple of weeks ago that was great.  We had a really nice pedicure and lunch together (and MIL picked up the tab!).

    Usually I relax by working on a Xmas stocking for DS#2 while DS#1 naps.   

  • well with 2 kids, ages 4 and 5, and being in school, its hard to find time to do anything for myself. however, if and when i do something its just a pedicure. it makes me feel pretty and refreshed. if i could i would get a massage but cant afford it so pedicures work for me.
  • I actually do treat myself to the spa a couple of times a year.  I love a wrap followed by a massage.
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  • My relaxation time is usually just a nice warm bath & a book. Pre-pregnancy, I would add a glass of wine. ;)
  • To relax I watch a movie with a frozen dinner and hot drink. It takes no time at all to get ready and I get to lay on the couch by myself for at least an hour and a half...ahhh :)

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  • All I've been able to do lately is take a hot bubble bath complete with some Diana Krall on the iPod and scented candles strewn around.  It's not a splurge, but it's a few moments of peace.
  • I work full time, and have two step-children, ages 7 and 14, with my first on the way. Weekends are my only real "free" time and everyone knows that when you already have kids in the house, you don't really get "time to yourself". If I buy anything for myself, the 14 year old thinks that we have "all this extra money" and the 7 year old just wonders why the 14 year old gets in the way. A treat to me is getting to go to the grocery store alone. No one crying or complaining or whining. Just me and my thoughts and food! (I'm pregnant, DUH) Very occasionally I am able to send everyone to my in-laws and I will stay home and treat myself to hours on end of SOAP reruns or playing Lego Star Wars. Yup, thats right, thats all I get for any kind of relaxation that doesn't end more stressful than I started...My last massage was 4 years on my wedding day and I couldn't tell you the last time I had a mani or a pedi! Being 4 months pregnant I could really use winning a day at the spa!
  • I go and get my hair done.  My pregnancy hair has been the pits.  So I go twice a month (ever since I have been 4 months pregnant - now in my 8th month) and get my hair done.  My hair stylist is the best though.  For no extra charges she will do a scalp massage, wash my hair, cut, and style all for the same price I was paying just to get my hair cut!!!  I love my stylist!!!  Everytime I leave there I forget how sick I have been or how sore I am in the moment.  She makes me look like a million bucks!!!  That has been my indulgence during my pregnancy.  I go tomorrow for my last and final appointment.  I don't know if I will be able to go back to my regular hair schedule. :(
  • I don't have much free time or money these days so a treat for myself is usually a nice relaxing bubble bath accompanied by a good book!

  • As a treat I lose myself in a Harry Potter book.

    Please forgive my typos! I'm not as dumb as my iphone would like you to believe :)
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  • Being a SAHM of a very busy almost 3 year old, I don't have much time for relaxation. And being on a tight budget, I don't really ever get to slurge on myself. Toilet paper, kleenex, and a bathroom hamper are on the top of my Christmas list. I would love to spend time at a spa, especailly with this pregnancy, since my back is about to give out and my figure has been long gone.

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