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mom sleep question

I feel so lucky that at less than three months DD had already started sleeping for 7- 9 hours at night but after two hours or so I wake up wide awake; sometimes in a panic.... My husband sleeps like the dead but that's probably because he's not used to waking up for feedings anyway. Its been two weeks that she's been sleeping like this and I still can't sleep for more than two hours at a time and still feel like a walking zombie. DH stays at home and I work full time so I really need my rest a night but I just can't seem to get it. It's driving me crazy. Any other mom's have this problem? Will I ever be able to sleep through the night again???

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Re: mom sleep question

  • DD sleeps crappy, but sometimes on DH's nights off he will take care of her so I can get some sleep. Except I still don't get any because I'm used to getting up all the time.

    Are you BFing? If not, maybe you could take a Tylenol PM or something like that. Other than that I don't have any suggestions as I BF and have the same problem with sleeping long stretches. Everyone tells me that you will never sleep like you did before you had a baby, again.

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  • Sounds like you may be anxious about not hearing your LO since DH is a heavy sleeper and it all lies on you.  Maybe you can do some deep belly breathing, meditation or yoga before bed to put your anxieties aside.
  • I used to be like that during the first month, but now i sleep good when baby sleeps
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  • I had a really hard time sleeping until around the 3 month mark, even though LO was sleeping pretty well.  I took Tylenol PM or melatonin supplements.  They're enough to help you sleep but won't make you a zombie if you need to get up during the night.

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