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What were you early labor/labor "symptoms?"

I have been feeling nauseous for two days and am now getting the "poop" cramps.  BH contractions seem to be increasing.  I was overdue with DS, so this is all new to me.  Hoping it's not labor...DH just left for  Just curious about your experiences! 

Re: What were you early labor/labor "symptoms?"

  • About a week before giving birth, I noticed I was extremely thirsty. I also had to use the bathroom (#2) several times per day. I started feeling period-like cramps on a Friday afternoon/evening. It was pretty uncomfortable and worsened when I walked around. They were not timeable. I experienced those, along with mild nausea, until my water broke at 3:30 AM the following Sunday. 
  • I had what seemed to be Braxton Hicks for twelve hours.. they never regulated and immediately started at three minutes apart. Then my water broke. It was a rough night! The week following up to it, I felt more exhausted then I was the entire pregnancy.. that's the only thing I noticed.
  • My labor started w/ light pink bloody show for about 18 hours before my real "labor contractions" started.  That is the only early labor sign I had.  My labor contractions were very different from BH contractions and woke me up from sleep.  I went into labor at 39.5 weeks.
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  • I had been having frequent braxton hicks for over a week when I had my DD. They NEVER hurt. Everyone said when they were real they would hurt. HAHA, so NOT true. They didn't hurt but came as frequently as 5 minutes apart to as far apart as an hour apart and then stopped overnight. I went into my OB's office for my regular visit on that friday (they had stopped over night). My midwife checked me and said I was 5 cm. she stripped my membranes and sent me to the hospital to break my water. I went home first to get my DH and my bags and the braxton hicks started back up but still weren't painful. When we got to the hospital it was the same thing. Every 5 minutes. After she broke my water they finally actually hurt. Pain scale went from like a 2 to 8. Then they were about 2 minutes apart. I delivered about 5 hours later. Just because they feel like BH doesn't mean they aren't doing anything and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!! I was walking around halfway there for days, because they "didn't really hurt!"
  • I didn't. . .Never had a Braxton Hicks contraction or anything(at least, none that I could feel).  My water broke, and then I was given pitocin 14 hours later to get labor started(LO decided to be a week early)
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  • I had BH a week before I was due and thought it was the real thing. Slightly painful, timeable tightening of my belly, going from small of my back and moving forward. Went to the hospital and got sent home after monitoring for an hour.

    The following week, I got the real thing. HUGE difference. It felt like my stomach was being sliced up from the inside during each contraction, but not so bad that I couldnt walk, just had to stop to hold on to something and rock side to side. All I can really say is you will KNOW when they are real and not just BH without needing to ask questions, that is how huge the difference is in the two.

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  • I was 3 weeks early, so at the time I didn't really pay any attention, but looking back.

    1 week before I had contractions, lost my mucus plug and dropped significantly (well that I did notice)

    a few days before I felt great! I wasn't exhaused, I didn't hurt everywhere .. for the first time in 8 months I wasn't miserable. I think I also had some loose stool.

    And people say "you know" when it is a real contraction ... I was second guessing myself until they hooked me up to the monitor and I could "see" them. I say it is a contraction if it wraps all the way around, belly to back, and squeezes.

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  • I had regular, somewhat painful contractions for a week before going into active labor. They were often 3-4 min apart for hours at a time, but they spaced out at night (20-30 min). They wrapped around from my back and felt like menstural cramps.

    They were still going on when I went to my 40w appointment on my due date. The doc said I was 4cm, stripped my membranes, and sent me home. The contractions started to get a little more intense, but still weren't very painful. In fact, I wasn't going to go to the hospital even though they had been 2 min apart for a while because I had already been sent home and they told me they should be nearly "unbearable."

    It frustrates me when people say "you'll know" when they're real, because even after my water broke, I could still walk and talk through contractions. It wasn't until about 7 or 8 cm that they really took my full focus, and I would never classify them as unbearable.

  • I had a very watery discharge for the week before, almost as if my water had broken (but it hadn't).  Also was going #2 twice a day for the week before.  Two days before, the Dr. checked my cervix and I hadn't started dilating.  On D-Day, I felt completely normal (aside from the strange discharge).  Started feeling crampy around 9:30 or 10ish... kept getting worse.  Finally went to the hospital at midnight and was 2-3cm.  DS was born at 6am!

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