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So as you can probably tell from me previous post, my husband and I are new to TTC but have already been told we will have a problem. My question is, how does everyone deal with the time this all takes? I mean it seems so long between cycles, so long to get answers, and its so emotional!. I find myself spending all my time looking up stuff about this on the internet and obsessing. It is interfering with every aspect of my life.  If I do happen to get my mind off of it for an hour or so (which is rare) I am always reminded by an upcoming appt or blood test or freakin commercial about pregnancy! How do you keep positive and pass the time?
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  • For me, it helps to have small goals to anticipate.  So for example, 2 weeks until first RE appointment, one week until next blood test, one week until HSG, 3 days until meds arrive, etc.

    To keep positive, I plan my future LO's nursery, add pregnancy and child rearing books to my Amazon wish list, think about names, etc.  This is just my own personal thing to keep me focused on a positive outcome.  But I could see how it could be stressful to someone else.

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  • I think you'll notice if you look through the posts that we all look forward to the little steps as much as we can!  If we know a cycle was a flop, we get excited for AF.  If we're finishing up our stims, we get excited for triggering.  No one will tell you that it's easy, but the boards and a positive outlook really help!

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  • According to your other posts you've only been TTC for 2 months.  You need to be patient.  If you're already freaking out now you won't be able to handle if you actually have a problem.  There is no way your Dr can confirm O if you have no idea how your cycle works.  You can assume O was CD 14 on an average 28 day cycle but if your's is longer then that wouldn't be the appropriate day to test for O.  What day did you test for O?  You need to start charting if you're concerned.

    Also, I find it inappropriate for your Dr to recommend Clomid after 2 cycles.  You need to calm down and find a new Dr.  Clomid is not something to take lightly. 

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