Another monitor post.....

Hi Ladies,

 I know this has been asked before but I can't locate the thread.

Please let me know what video or audio monitor you use, and if you recommend it!




Re: Another monitor post.....

  • I use the Summer Infant Slim and Secure video monitor and really like it.  I got the extra camera and set the monitor to scan so that every 8 seconds it switches back and forth between the babies' cribs.  The picture is great during the day and even at night with the night vision.  I also like that the screen can be clicked off to conserve power but the sound stays on and there is a bar across the top that turns from green to red if the babies are yelling (helpful when I'm drying my hair and can't hear it).
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  • We have the Philips Avent digital monitor and really like it. No interference, and the parent unit is tiny -- fits in a pocket.
  • We have the Summer Video Monitor that pans the room.  Haven't used it yet but I think we will like it.  No need for a second camera.
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  • We have the Angelcare monitors.  We've got one sound/movement unit and one movement unit.  I like the peace of mind from the movement sensors but we have horrible interference on the sound unit.  It buzzes terribly and drives us crazy.  Also, if you have the parent unit on and turn off the monitor in the room, the parent unit gets this horrible static sound.

     If I could do it over again, I'd get 2 Angelcare movement pads and a separate sound monitor.

  • We love our angelcare monitors. 

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