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LO won't nap!

It's 4:30pm and I've only got my LO to take one 30 minute nap early this morning!  I'm wiped out!  Please tell me my LO will get better with naps as he ages!
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Re: LO won't nap!

  • I use a moby wrap, it works like a charm every time.  She will sometimes fight it at first but falls right asleep. 
  • My DD didn't nap much today either.  A few 30 minute naps...that's it.  She went down at 8 tonight.  She was exhausted!  It happened.  There are going to be days that they don't nap very much or at all and days they will sleep a lot.  Eventually they will get more regular....not sure what age that is but whatever.  I was wiped out to until my hubby came home so I could do some cleaning.  Then I got to snuggle with her to go night night.  
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