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nap question

Is my lo suppose to be on a nap schedule? She is awake anywhere between 1-3 hours between naps and still takes one long nap(2-3 hours). Her other naps last 30mins to 1 hour. She has stopped taking an evening nap before bed. She can sleep anywhere and has no trouble going down.

 My sil did nap training and now i am wondering if I need to. She also said by 6months lo should be sleeping 12 hours at night. Well she is up at 5am because of our jobs so she would need to be to bed by 5pm if this it?

Re: nap question

  • I think your sil sounds like an over achiever lol.  Don't let her pressure you.  If you are happy with how lo is sleeping then let it be if not I personally love nap training.  My lo is almost four months and has the same schedule eat, play, sleep.  She does this in a cycle through out the day.  The way I got her to do this was using a moby wrap to help her sleep on a schedule.  It would knock her out every time.  I also use a play gym with music to initiate play time. 
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