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7 weeks pregnant, yeast infection...

Tomorrow's Sunday, drs closed...what do I take?

Re: 7 weeks pregnant, yeast infection...

  • Do an OTC 7 day treatment, like Monistat 7.

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  • image NavyPilotWife:

    Do an OTC 7 day treatment, like Monistat 7.

    this.  I had one too. Dr said this. 

  • Good natural remedies include putting a clove of garlic in your vagina for a few hours or using your finger to apply a good amount of plain (not flavored!) Dannon yogurt to the inside of your vagina.
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  • Ok, as an L&D triage nurse who saw people come in late at night on the weekend for things like a cold... a yeast infection is NOT a medical emergency and you do NOT need to go to urgent care.  It can wait until Monday to go to the doc.  However, as other users said, 7-day OTC treatments are safe.  That is exactly what you would be prescribed at urgent care anyway.  You can also buy creams to soothe external itching. 

    DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR VAGINA THAT IS NOT MEDICINE.  This includes garlic and yogurt.  Not to be mean, but that is unhealthy and unsafe for both you and baby.  You don't know what kinds of bugs/bacteria/various cooties are on the garlic, no matter how much you've washed it.  Yogurt has sugar and lactose in it.  Leave it in, and bam, you've got yourself another raging yeast and/or bacterial infection.  Eat the yogurt.  It does help that way.  It won't cure it though, but there is some evidence that eating yogurt regularly can help your body prevent yeast  infections.  I've never seen any scientific evidenced based research proving that putting garlic or yogurt in your vagina cures yeast infections.

    So to summarize:  7-day OTC treatment, NOTHING ELSE IN VAGINA.  Thank you.  =)

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