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Anyone fighting with DH more?

My DH has been really understanding through most of this, considering I'm always sleeping, barely cooking, and no fun at all. Twice in the past couple weeks, I've snapped at him over something dumb. Tonight, I was watching TV and he kept talking, so I said "I guess I'll watch this later" and turned it off...and he got all upset, saying that he doesn't understand how he can't talk to me or joke with me ever. Something similar happened a couple weeks ago, where I was grumpy, and he felt like I was taking it out on him. Of course then I end up crying and feeling like I can't do anything right.

Anyone else having these issues? It's hard being exhausted all the time, and I think *most* of the time he gets that. But I don't really know how to stop being grumpy to him right now.....he's the only one here, so it's kind of by default, I guess.

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Re: Anyone fighting with DH more?

  • Unfortunately I am.  DH and I had a huge fight today.  I have been home sick all week and am really bored and feeling needy.  He has been working late most nights and will be working our side business all weekend.  He is completely overwhelmed right now and getting sick too and I was terrible to him today because I felt neglected.  I wish I had some suggestions on how to stop being grumpy.  I am trying to stop and think before I say things.  Hopefully we will all be feeling better soon.  I think that would help me be less grumpy. 
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  • Sorry you and your H are fighting.

    DH and I rarely fight anyway. This is our first after TTC for 3 years so we're even more what our friends called us once "disgustingly happy couple." We're too much of goofballs and dorks to take ourselves too seriously. I

    I hope you all feel better soon. 


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  • My poor husband. I argue with him in my dreams. I almost woke up yelling at him one night because he was making me soooo angry. We have done pretty well even though I have very little patience and a lack of tolerance for stupidity.
  • Ha, what great timing for this question -- my DH just stormed downstairs mad at me.  Back story: I just threw up, and when I came downstairs he asked me if I wanted peppermint tea, and I didn't respond (because I had JUST thrown up and was trying to figure out if I was done, if I could hold anything down, etc.).  Ten minutes later as he's sipping tea and it looks good, and I ask if there is any for me.  He says no, because I didn't want any.  I say I never said I didn't want any, I just didn't respond because I was queasy.  He gets mad at me for "ragging on him" late at night and storms downstairs, saying now he can't sleep because he's all riled up.  Ugh.  He's stressed, I'm sick... no fun. 

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  • I have definitely been snapping at my DH more often lately. We were on the way to our appt this week and I was angry at him for taking a st. rt.  instead of the freeway. It wasn't rush hour yet he still thought driving 55 the whole was was faster...Then he got angry at me for picking on his driving & I snapped back that "If I have to be the one to get examined then I don't see any problem with YOU driving there!" stupid hormones... 
  • I think we all get that way. My husband is the happiest I've seen him since his parents split two years ago. He's bouncy and jolly when normally hes really quiet and reserved. He's awesomely understanding and yet here I am just wishing he would admit that I was right that semi DID have two trailers or yes the car was at a quarter tank of gas not half. Its retarded, but really its not us. Its the hormones. Thats not an excuse to turn into a mad woman but when it slips it slips. I've yelled at my manager twice because honestly he's a dousch and he yelled at me first! ;) My husband is just around more often to get the brunt end of it all.
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