Would you buy used DSLR camera?

I'm wondering if you would suggest to a newbie to buy used as a learning camera before spending $$$ on a good DSLR. Comments? Not a good idea?

Re: Would you buy used DSLR camera?

  • I asked this question a few days ago. 

    I would buy one used if it came from a reputable place.  I checked out and B&H.  I couldn't find what I wanted, so I'm going with something new, but if I'd found it, I would have snapped it up!

    Buying refurbished is another option - again I've been trying to stay in "camera shops" for this and looking for only factory-refurbished items.

    I hope that helps... I'm as green as can be, so it might not help that much! :)

  • I did.  I had a girlfriend that had an xti and she sold me hers so she could upgrade.  For me just starting, and older body is fine.  I'll buy good lense this summer if I'm still into it. Then upgrade the body when I'm ready.    That's not the same as craigslist or ebay though. 

  • i'm looking at used only.  the technology changes so fast it's not worth it to me right now to shell out more money for the newest model when it won't be worth that much in a few years.  I'm hoping to put my money in the lenses, which retain their value.
  • Yes as long as it's from a reputable company. 

    Here are some... 

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