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Almost 11 Weeks--Symptoms Subsiding

Hi there,

..wondering if anyone else has had symptoms disappear a bit after 10 weeks. Lots of M/S prior to 10 weeks or so, now it's not half as bad and I'm able to eat some of the foods that I could barely even smell before, and my appetite is coming back a bit...I didn't think symptoms were supposed to start going away until week 12 or 13..anyone else experience this? 



Re: Almost 11 Weeks--Symptoms Subsiding

  • I am!  It's completely normal though.  Symptoms come and go throughout!  This week has been great - but they could come back next week in full force.  :-)  It's all very common though.
  • I have the same thing...i'll be 11 weeks in 4 days and my symptoms have started to simmer down....not totally gone though. i had hyperemesis gravidarum and i ended up losing 8lbs in 3 weeks....great weightloss plan, unfortunately not great for baby...but now i'm starting to feel better, can't eat as much as i used to but i'm still able to eat a few things i wasn't able to before, i still get nauseous getting out of bed or turning around to give attention to my four year old in the car. i've read quite a bit on it and babycenter.com says that by your 11th week you'll start to notice your symptoms diminishing. my doctor also says that it's ok....my last pregnancy however i didn't even get sick until my 10th week and it only lasted a few weeks after that. everybody's different and i'm sure you're just fine but if you're really worried about it just call a nurse, they've heard it all, trust me.
  • Your not the only one. I am 10 weeks as of this wednesday and my pregnancy has not been bad at all. There are some foods I cannot eat and make me sick to think about, I have really only thrown up 5 times or so over the course of 10 weeks, my nausea has died down a lot, the heartburn and indigestion is really the only thin that hasn't gone away. I have been having more vivid dreams and after working an 8 hour day I seem to be struggling to find strength to do much else but other than that I am in the same boat. I have heard that if it's your first, it's usually easier but everyone is different. Just try not to fret about it, wait and see what happens at your next OB appt! :) 
  • Everyone's different. Some people don't experience symptoms UNTIL 12+ weeks. Some people have symptoms that don't go away until after 20 weeks. Be thankful.

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  • My sore boobs and nausea went away for the most part just before 11 weeks but I'm still exhausted and my nipples are dry and itchy now. Still have the pimple issue too which I am not liking..


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