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when did your symptoms kick in?

I swear it feels like I am not even pregnant!  I know it is still very early but I keep waiting for something to feel different.  When did you start with m/s and/or start to feel changes?

Re: when did your symptoms kick in?

  • I wasn't having any m/s at all until yesterday, it just suddenly switched on... that was 6w 1d for me.
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  • m/s started this  morning full force, and have been craving salty food.

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  • My ms started around 5ish weeks- and comes and goes, although it's not too bad at all.  Tiredness around 5 weeks too- then the mood swings have been ever so impressive since around 4 weeks :)

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  • 6 weeks.  Don't worry, I'm sure it will come.  And it will come full force and pretty much over night.. it is not a gradual thing!
  • Exactly 6w with DS.  Before that, I just felt like I had PMS (sore boobs, crampy, ect)

    This time I had a stomach virus at 5w, so I'm not sure exactly when my m/s started.  This time, no sore boobs but some cramping

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  • They say that most of the traditional symptoms start around 6 weeks for most, but some start earlier. I had sore boobs and light cramping right around 4 1/2 weeks, but didn't start feeling sick until halfway through week 7. Just be grateful they haven't started yet! Even feeling sick doesn't make it real for me... I'm holding out for my 1st appt on monday for it to seem real.


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  • My symptoms started before I got my BFP.  But this is my second, so I don't know if that is why.  When I was pg with DS, I believe it was about 6-7 weeks in I had morning sickness. 

    For the last week, I've had low energy/out of breath easy, sore boobs, lower back pain, cramping, and some nausea.  Oh, I am also bloated BIG time!


  • Week 6, I just had sore boobs and I was very very tired.
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  • Actually, I got symptoms really early. Oddly enough, not even a week past ovulation. But Monday night or so is when MS hit hard. Before that, I has a little nausea but nothing more than uncomfortable. Now, I've been in bed more of the last 4 days or so.
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  • Sore breasts were the first symptom, pre-BFP.  Nausea began between 4-5 weeks.  Intense nausea began at 6 weeks, vomiting at 6w4d.  Enjoy the symptom-free period while it lasts!!

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  • Well I just found out baby number 2 was on it's way and like my first pregnancy signs of pregnancy started to show about 4 weeks. I'm gassy, light cramps off and on, nauseous, bloated,  tired, have to pee every hour, and my face is red. I should be about 5 to 6 weeks now. I'll hopefully found out exactly how far along before Christmas. 
  •  I felt cramping since day 1, and I started with the morning sickness / exhaustion at about 5.5 weeks! I will be 10 weeks soon and I honestly don't know how i got through the past 5 weeks. I don't do anything when I get home at night - I don't cook or clean and on the weekends I just lay around! I don't want to rush my pregnancy or anything but I can't wait for 2nd tri so hopefully I'll feel better!
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  • With DD, I escaped with only nausea.  I am hoping to get that lucky this time around!

    I had some symptoms before my BFP yesterday.. sore boobs, more tired than usual, and I was using the bathroom more than usual.   

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  • i was crampy right from the beginning, then the sore boobs kicked in around 4 weeks.  I've been peeing more too, but not m/s yet.  I'm 5w1d
  • I've had sore b00bs since before my BFP and minor cramping that has gone away.  I am peeing a lil more and get tired a lil easier but not that bad.  I've also been bloated since my BFP.  And my sense of smell is much stronger.  Part of me hopes this is it but part of me wants the reassurance of some of the other symptoms. 
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  • I am 13 weeks and besides being tired - I still have no symptoms
  • Mine never kicked in.  I didn't have an ounce of m/s, no real fatigue, nothing.  My boobs hurt a bit but that's all.  That was right from the start but also attributable to the progesterone I was on until 12 weeks.

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  • Thanks ladies!  With my last pregnancy I had slight m/s around 7 weeks I think...with my last BFP and before my M/C I remember thinking, I feel great and had 0 symptoms so I am a little nervous that I am not experiencing anything this time around either.  My blood work looked good so that is all I have to go by until the 21st, which can't come soon enough!
  • Other than the fact that I need a daily nap when my kids nap, I would never know I'm pregnant!  Enjoy it, you're probably one of the lucky ones!!! 

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  • Almost immediately after finding out I was exhausted which had been around the week before, but I just thought it was from working hard adn staying up a little later then usual. My boobs started hurting before I found out. The ms didn't kick in until this week. No vomiting just gagging and all day nausea = ( My Dr. wrote me an rx for medicine which seems to work sometimes, but not all the time. Oh and I can have a drop of water and hvae to pee = ) That started about a week 5. I definitely feel pregnant! If I go in for my US next Wed. and nothing is there then I am a nut bag.
  • m/s started at 5w on the dot.  With DD though, m/s didn't kick in until 8 weeks.  I wouldn't sweat it too much, each pregnancy is so different.  And if by chance you skip out on the m/s, I am jealous:)
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  • Some people never really experience 'morning sickness.' I know people that lived off saltines for 5 weeks and some people who never had an ounce of nauseau.

    I started my 6th week today and so far ::knocks on a lot of wood:: I've had nothing. I feel great. Trying to stay mentally positive, too.

  • I totally agree with you. I'm 6 weeks and 5 days. I've had no symtoms, however the Dr. promises I'm pregnant.
  • I'm 8.5 weeks pregnant and I began feeling the first symptoms a month ago. I had lots of dizziness and sore breasts. The m/s started about 3 weeks ago...and it's just getting worse! Now I'm actually vomiting a bit more and many of the m/s "remedies" just make me feel even more sick lol So yay...I'd be soo happy to not be feeling many symptoms.

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  • Before I mis-carried I was nauseous w/i a few weeks when I found out I was pregnant. I did not have M/S, I did not carry the baby long enough.
  • I started getting naseous and fatigued around 9 weeks. No symptoms other than bloating before that.

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  • I am 25 weeks pregnant and I live with another couple whom is about a month ahead of me.

    She has had like no symptoms (having a boy), and seriously the only reason why she knew she was pregnant was because her periods are normal and missed one - tested - positive - and she's starting to nest recently - but other than that she's still her normal self.

     Me on the other hand - I have irregular periods so a late one wasn't anything (due to issues with the BC shot over a year ago) ... my body changed instantly looking back. Hormones shifted within 2 weeks. And my boobs were sore and started to grow already. I was getting more tired and sick like I was getting a cold (mind you I got preg in the middle of June). Around 6 weeks I got diagnosed with bronchitis... and after the meds I still didn't feel right. Around 7 1/2 weeks my m/s truly hit (but not at max power yet). 8 weeks I took a home preg test and man was that sucker positive. And for a week straight I was not able to keep anything (including crackers and water) and thankfully my dr gave me Zofran. My severe m/s just recently faded. But my body is having the worst time adjusting to having a baby inside and I keep getting terribly sick. And I've been getting the RLS, and a ton of different symptoms but I had a rough start.P.S I'm having a girl.

    Now I told both sides showing that you could easily be flying through this like it's nothing, or your body could have trouble adjusting. We're both the outliers of the chart. You could easily be inbetween our types of pregnancies - remember there is no wrong way to feel a pregnancy. Like even though she is doing perfectly well, my bf got to feel our child move before the husband of the other couple felt his child move. And it was extremely early for him to do so as well (18 weeks).

    Sorry it's a long comment, but I wish you the best for your pregnancy.

  • This is my first pregnancy, got a BFP on Thanksgiving :)

     I have had slight symptoms for just about two weeks. Cramping, bloating (ugh..), mood swings, and extremely tired!!  

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  • I got my positive test at 10dpo and already had symptoms...that's why I tested. I had sore breasts and was peeing non-stop. By Saturday morning, I already had "morning" sickness, but it's hitting me at night and in the morning. Also have a lot of crampy/twingy feelings in my uterus.
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