trouble breathing?

I am 25w2d with my twin girls. I had an appointment with my Peri yesterday morning, and the u/s showed both of them were head down.  Baby A's head was actually so far down in my pelvis they couldn't get a good measurement of her brain.  Last night I was sitting at home and it came on all of the sudden it felt like an elephant was on my chest and it was difficult to take a deep breath at all.   I almost thought I was having an anxiety attack (I used to get them all of the time), but it was different then that.  I went to sleep, and this morning it didn't really feel much better.  I have noticed that it is worse when I am sitting down.  Even though my babies are pretty low, could it still be them crowding my lungs?? Did/is anyone else experiencing this?  It really sucks because I am a vocal music major and I have NO breath support to sing.
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Re: trouble breathing?

  • I am 28w with twin girls and have been feeling that way lately. I cannot sleep at night because I feel like no matter which way I try to sleep, I cannot breathe. I am a teacher and it is hard being on my feet and moving around all day. Again, I often feel like I cannot breath and even have tingling in my arms. I am addressing it with my dr tomorrow.
  • wife had breathing problems by the time I got back stateside (32wks) and said they'd been going on for a few weeks....babies hoggin her body.  She found that sleeping at a 45 degree angle was the only thing that got her a few hours of sleep (between bladder runs and internal soccer games)
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