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RE went great!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to update you all on the RE appointment yesterday. It was amazing. The funny thing is that everything she told me you all have pretty much anwsered LOL! She did do a TVU and DH got to see and explained all the cysts and the PCOS a little bit more/better so he would understand it (just incase I didnt explain it good enough) Both ovaries were completley covered! It was crazy! She did tell me no more clomid rounds (yay) and that we are going to start Femara and slowly add the trigger shots in. She said the Femara would be better than the clomid..Not sure how true that is?Waiting for lab work and SA. I feel...satisfied, like no more worries or wondering. Just excited and thought I would share  Big Smile

Welcome My IF Miracles JZ!


Re: RE went great!

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