coming home at dif. times?

I have a feeling that Taylen will be coming home from the NICU before Tage does. He's always been a little bit stronger. How far apart did your multiples come home?



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Re: coming home at dif. times?

  • My girls came home a day a part.  I thought Ava would have to stay a little longer but I guess once lauryn left, she didnt want to be there alone so she did everything right.  We got the call the next morning that she was allowed to come home.  It will suck but before you know it, both your boys will be home with you.

  • My twins came home a week apart.  They were born at 36 weeks.  Eric came home after 1 week and Kyle came home after 2 weeks.  
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  • DD came home after 13 days and DS came home after 17.  We were lucky to have them come home within the same week, I know there are others here who've had to deal with larger spans of time.  

    It was so, so hard!  I was used to being able to spend all day at the hospital with both of them and I felt really terrible leaving DS alone.  We were thrilled to have DD home and knew that DS was in the best place for him, of course, but it was tough.  We decided that DH would go back to work until both babies were home.  During the day I'd stay home with DD.  When DH got home from work one of us would stay home and the other would visit DS in NICU.  Thankfully, we had 24 hr access so we could visit anytime.  Sometimes DH would visit in the morning before work but I always stuck with evenings.

    ETA:  I probably should add that we were able to bring DD to NICU if we wanted.  We opted not to, however, because she was so tiny - we didn't feel comfortable with her unsupervised in the backseat/carseat right away.  I'm not sure if we would have been able to do that during flu and RSV season though. 

  • Mine were supposed to come home together after 10 days.  Well, DS1 decided to crap blood the night before and earned himself another 3 days.  I broke the F down.  I just remember standing over his crib bawling how I was so sorry he couldn't come home and please don't be scared without Sam and blah blah I'm crying about it now!  Ha.

    Anyway, they were kind enough to leave both cribs up in their room so we could bring DS2 with us.  I'm sure the doormen thought I was nuts for hauling this teeny baby back and forth all day. 

    It was very emotional having a baby at home AND going back and forth to the NICU, but it really was a nice way to transition.  We got to "practice" with only one for a few days and still had access to all the nurses for questions. 

    Good luck on getting everyone home soon.  It's the best feeling in the world to be able to walk your babies around your own house without any wires.


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  • 1 week!
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  • Mine came home 3 days apart.  DH and I would leave first thing in the morning with the baby that was home to go to the hospital.  DH and LO would hang out in the family boarding room right outside the NICU.  I would go back and forth all day to nurse them.  We'd stay til dinner time and then go home.  I'd call the NICU in the middle of the night when I got up to nurse to check on other LO.  They were only there 6 and 9 days. 
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  • DD came home after 6 days, DS came home after 15 days.  He was an entire pound behind his sister, and was on forced air for the first few days, and had "minor" (nothing is really "minor" with a preemie, is it?) surgery, too.  Docs/nurses were very good with letting everyone but our 3yo visit (she got sick a few days before they were born, too).  I think I was more worked up than my wife, and ended up sleeping there a couple nights, just to make sure he was okay (I am a medic, so I had hospital I just did a bit of convincing....and bribing with holiday treats)
  • Mine came home 2 weeks after 4 weeks and the other after 6.  It's tough, but hang in there.  Soon the NICU will feel like a distant memory.
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