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PG after stopping clomid? ...and another Clomid question

I took 50mg of Clomid on my last cycle, not PG : (  I am on Metformin and have been for a few months with no problems. I am taking a break from Clomid this cycle.

I have heard of people getting PG after stopping clomid. Does anyone have any idea as to how common this is?

Also- I am on CD 8 and feel like I am still having Clomid side effects from my last cycle- hot flashes, nausea, bloating. Again, I am not on Clomid this cycle. Has anyone experienced this?

Thank you

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Re: PG after stopping clomid? ...and another Clomid question

  • I suppose it could happen but you are on Clomid for a reason.
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  • I understand that. I have heard of women TTC for years then getting PG after stopping Clomid- this is what I was referring to. Interested if anyone else has heard of/ experienced this.
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  • Gotcha. Generally you are not on Clomid for years. Clomid has a cycle life of about 3 tries, 4 maybe. But again I suppose anything is possible. 
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  • You might want to give 1st Tri a shot, we're still trying to get pregnant here. It could happen though, for some girls doing a few clomid cycles will jumpstart their cycles. I wouldn't really count on getting pregnant that way though.
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  • I'm not sure about your first question. I've had to take several breaks while TTC and they were all annovulatory. For the s/e question, many people have clomid s/e for 6 weeks or more following their last pill.
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  • My cousin used Clomid to get PG with her first two kids and then had her third without any help.  her body 'learned' what it needed to do (or so they say...)  i have a co-worker who used Clomid to get PG for her first 2 kids and didn't need any help for her third or fourth.  this is really the only time i've heard of getting PG after Clomid.  As for the s/a, i've done two rounds of Clomis (50mg and 100mg) and had side effects for about 8 weeks after my last pill.  I just finihsed a round of Femera with no dies effects at all!  Hope this helps!
  • I'm on clomid now (second cycle) but a friend of mine did it for 3 cycles with no success and then got pregnant the following month
  • All kinds of crazy things happen though it may or may not be due to the clomid. Clomid can stay in your system so if you're annovulatory, the left over clomid can help you ovulate the next cycle when you're not on it too (if that makes sense).  This happened to my friend and she did get pregnant.  Now if you do ovulate on your own, I imagine it's a smaller chance to get pregnant after clomid.  More like my friend that got pregnant on a break cycle after a failed IVF. Most people are not completely infertile so it can happen. :)
  • I TTC for 12 months on month 12 I took Clomid and it was toooooo crazy for me - I didnt even have sex that month!  so I stopped.  I got PG the next month with DD.   I wish that worked for me this time around :(    Its been 16 months and 4 rounds of clomid - 3 surgeries and iui#3 friday..  still nuthin
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