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So my first appt is tomorrow at 10 wks and 6 days. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. Has anyone else already had their first appt? What can I expect? Were you nervous? Did you doctor meet your expectations or leave you disappointed?

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  • Not to be a downer, but probably not much will happen.  You will pee in a cup, possible have some blood drawn or get a script to have it done elsewhere, maybe have an internal.  Your doc may or may not try to hear the hb on doppler - mine wouldn't even try until 12 weeks.


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  • I was very nervous for my first appointment. My BP was higher than normal too because of it lol. At 10w 6d I don't think there is any reason you will be disappointed. It is far enough along that if for some reason they don't do an ultrasound (which IMO would be weird, because you'd think they would want to date pregnancy for their records)  they may check for a heartbeat.

    I had my first OB appointment and  ultrasound at 7w 1d. My Doctor recommends early ultrasounds for dating purposes and to ensure the pregnancy is not ectopic. So he met all my expectations and spent a good deal of time going over everything I can expect and possible tests I could choose to have done if I wished.

    I hope your appointment goes well!!!!

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  • good luck tomorrow.  we had an ultrasound at our first appointment at 8 weeks - so maybe you will get one too.  Hope everything goes well

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  • I had a great first appointment. My doctor sat with me for at least 20 minutes, telling me about the practice, the hospital I'd be delivering at and even got into talking about her kids (I know more about her daughters immature boyfriend than I want to). She asked me lots of family history stuff about myself and husband, and repeatedly told me how great of an age I am at to be a first time mum (I mentioned feeling sorta on the young side).

     After our chit chat, she did an exam (I would assume it was a regular pap, she was too busy chatting to me about what movies accurately represent pregnancy). I did the pee in a cup, and filled up SEVEN freaking vials of blood. 

    THEN I sat with the office administrator who told me all about the future u/s's I'd be getting, how often I'd be coming back to the office, gave me the list of stuff to avoid and a pre-registration packet for the hospital I'll deliver at. She instructed me to call for my dating/size ultrasound ASAP (sonos are not done in my OBs office, but at the hospital).

    All in all, the appointment was about an hour. 

  • I have my first appointment with my ob tomorrow (I will be exactly 11 weeks).  Will have an exam and hopefully hear the heartbeat.  With the practice I go to, this is actually the second appointment.  I had my first nearly a month ago with the OB nurse to go over medical histories with me and DH as well as peed in a cup and a date with the phlebotomist from hell.
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  • Thanks everyone for the encouragement and the experiences. The first appointment went well. Although my BP was sky high because of my nerves, luckily it started to fall after about five minutes. At my OB they do an intake appointment with the nurse before your actual appointment with the OB so when he came in we were set to start the exam. He couldn't hear any heartbeat with the doppler so I was lucky enough to get an ultrasound to see the baby and the heartbeat. I'm so excited to see the little munchkin. My hubby is currently deployed, but I was able to email the pic of the ultrasound to him so I know he'll enjoy it too.
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