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Hives in early pregnancy??

I am about 6 weeks along and am experiencing a small amount of hives on my side right by my stomach. Has anyone ever had that before?? Is it normal??? Maybe it's from my prenatal vitamin? 


Re: Hives in early pregnancy??

  • I have recently developed an awful looking rash on my back shoulderblade. I went to the doctor and it turns out they are shingles (which is a condensed form of chicken pox (since I have already had chicken pox before). They gave me some medicine (that is safe to take) and today is my first day on them (I have to take them for a week).

    She said the reason this could have just appeared is that my immune system is weakened and my body is under a lot of stress, most likely from the pregnancy. I sure hope it goes away quick.

    Good luck, if it doesn't clear soon I would see the doctor.

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  • I recently got like a rash/ dry skin on one of my hands... i was told its probly from stress.
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