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xp-do you use your changing table?

We are going back and forth on a changing table.  We live in a 2 bedroom apt, so it's not like anything is far away, and there is a full size bed in the nursery too.  Do you just end up changing the baby on the bed (or where ever) or do you really use your changing table?
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Re: xp-do you use your changing table?

  • We use ours.  It is a 4drawer dresser with a changing pad ontop.  It is in our bedroom since we don't have a nursery (her and DS will have to share a room in the future).  We used it with DS also.  It is the only place where either of them are/were changed as small babies.
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  • I use mine.

    So many people told me that I didn't need it and they never used theirs, etc., but I have regretted changing Sophie on my bed almost every time I do it. It's a heck of a lot easier to wash a changing pad cover than all your bedding. That said, I didn't buy an actual changing table, but just put a changing pad on top of the dresser. That's much more economical. :) 

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  • We use a changing pad ontop of a  dresser.
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  • No, I always change DS on the bed, couch, or Pack n' Play. I don't usually feel like taking him the whole way to the nursery to change him, so he gets changed where ever I am.  I just keep diapers and wipes in the living room.
  • We bought a PNP with a changing table on it and it has been set up in our living room since LO was born..we use it 90% of the time..

    We also have a full size bed in the nursery and that is where I change her if we are in her room..or now that she is rolling over a lil more I put her on her playmat with the toys overhead and put my diaper caddy and diaper pad down on the floor and do it there and she does fuss about not being able to roll over when its changing time! Good luck!

  • We have a big antique dresser with a changing pad on top, so all of her clothes are right there too. Its the only place we change DD. We live in a 1 bedroom apartment and her nursery is the den/sunroom that is right off the living room so its pretty convenient
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  • Ditto to PPs. I use mine, but mine is a changing pad on top of a dresser. I love the Boppy changing cover inserts too, so you don't actually have to wash the changing pad cover, just the inserts. They are terry on the top and plastic on the bottom, so leaks don't go through to the actual changing pad cover. They come in a pack of 3. The Boppy changing pad cover is nothing special, and the inserts will just lay on top of any changing pad cover. I got mine at Target. FWIW, DS loves laying on the changing pad as well. I hung a picture over it, and he likes to stare at the corner.
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  • Yes, we use it as a changing table but it's also a dresser.
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  • We've used a changing pad on top of a dresser since day one. It is just easier. I don't have to clean up sheets or a rug if pee/poop gets on it and all of our diaper changing supplies are by the pad so it would be more work for me to go get those and bring them to baby than to just change him there.

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  • We use ours every single time. It's so convenient to have everything in one place. Plus we've had many accidents while changing and it's much easier to clean up one area. I truly didn't think I would use it everytime but it's been so convenient.
  • Ours is a changing pad on top of the dresser in the girls nursery, but we don't use it very often.   The girls spend most of the day downstairs in our living room, so I change the girls on the couch and DH changes them on the floor. 

    We'll probably use it more when the girls are sleeping in the nursery. 



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  • We bought an old dry sink & filled the inside with foam, covered w. change pad cover & then a waterproof change thing. It works great because it's sunken in & I can turn around or go to his closet without worrying about him rolling out!

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  • image SookieFrackhouse68:
    I guess I am in the minority that just prefers a little blanket on the floor. We've got a fuzzy blanket, diaper pail, wipes, etc set up beside my bed that I greatly prefer to the changing table.

    I actually do the same thing.     1ht

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  • We have a changing pad on top of her dresser, that's really the only place I change her at home. 
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  • I use it for every. single. diaper.

    We've had a couple times where poop shot right out when we took the diaper off, so I would not recommend changing your LO on the bed. If anything, get a changing pad and change on the floor if you really don't have the space.

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  • I use the table if I am upstairs, but if I am downstairs I just change the boys on the floor on a blanket or on the couch.  It is a hassel to have to take the boys upstairs to use the changing table.  If everything was on the same floor, I would probably use it more.

  • I've never changed DD at home on anything but the change table.
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  • We use our changing table for every changing at home. We have everything we need at the changing table and I am glad that I haven't tried changing my daughter on our bed with all the accidents we have had so far.

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  •'s the only place in the house we use to change Evan's diapers.
  • image SookieFrackhouse68:
    I guess I am in the minority that just prefers a little blanket on the floor. We've got a fuzzy blanket, diaper pail, wipes, etc set up beside my bed that I greatly prefer to the changing table.

    This is how we do it. We never had a big accident *knock on wood*. I also have another diaper to put under her as soon as the first one comes off. I have this wierd thing.. I can not change a kid sideways.. I have to have their feet facing me.. it is much easier, therefore the changing table is useless to me, I always end up with a crooked diaper. Plus once they get older, they dont want to sit still for anything. So trucking them to the changing table is a hassle..

  • We opted not to get one and haven't missed it. We spend most of our day downstairs (her nursery is upstairs) so even if we had gotten one, we probably wouldn't be using it much.
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  • Yes, we use both and the one in the pack and play.  its easier so the dogs dont get at her or the diaper!
  • image danielle0278:
    We use a changing pad ontop of a  dresser.
    That's what we did and we do use ours quite a bit. Actually a lot more then I thought we would in the first couple months and I'm sure it will increase when she sleeps in there.
  • Yes! (well it's a dresser that has a change pad on it and all his supplies)

    I already have to bring around tons of stuff with baby throughout the day if we have to move from one room to the next (pacifier, blankets, itzbeen timer, home phone, cell phone, pillow, bottle of water for me, etc....).

    I like that all of his changing supplies are in one spot and nicely organized. It would also kill my back if I had to bend over to change him all the time. Having his change table in his room near his clothing is good too considering that when I change his clothes it's always after a diaper change.  

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  • it is a dresser combo and yes i use it all the time
  • We do! though technically, we have a small dresser that we stuck a changing pad on top of.   DD is two and it is the only place where she will lie still while we change her.
  • We use ours...We have a dreser with changing pad on top and we use this before bed and in the am. During the day we have a PNO with a changing pad on top and we use this during the day so we don't always have to run upstairs to her nursery.
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  • We have a PNP for downstairs and a dresser with a changing pad on top for DS's nursery. We use that for morning, evening and nights and the PNP when we are downstairs during the day. If your PNP is on the same floor you might not need one. I don't use the bed (we don't have one in DS's room) because I would have to almost wake DH up to change DS or go into a guest room just to change his diaper in the mornings and evenings and nights.
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