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Pls Rec your Riding Car/Power Wheel Toy

We are looking at getting DS a power wheel/battery powered car for X-Mas. He is 2 & 1/2 but small for his age so that is an issue for us. We have a back yard and wold like one that can handle grass and leaves. Doesn't need to be fancy but we are willing to pay a little more if that would get us a better product.  - Anyone have one that their DC loves? THanks

Re: Pls Rec your Riding Car/Power Wheel Toy

  • My daughter has a Peg Perego ride-on train for inside the house (it has a track and then you can use it without the track, I found it for $10 at a resale shop).  She has a Barbie Jeep for outside (it is older and the wheels are a little worn which makes it kind of hard for her to steer but she loves to drive it).  My in-laws bought her a 4-wheeler for their house and she loves that too.  All in all though I honestly think the train is her favorite.  She is really good at driving it all around the house.  My daughter is on the smaller side too and I feel like she looks really big on the 4-wheeler.
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  • Also have the Peg Perego train, inside. It was purchased second-hand as well and is holding up to my 2 year-old and his big brother.
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