First Head Cold... :(

LO is 4.5 months actual, 2.5 adjusted, and has his first head cold.  He's not running a temp (I check it regularly), but has a bad runny nose, which is making him cough (going down his throat - sorry for the visual).  He doesn't appear to be in any distress, simply mildly uncomfortable.  He's still eating fine, and even laughing and playing.  I'm not particularly worried about him right now - just doing the suction thing constantly, but I'm wondering if I need to call the pedi and make an appointment anyway??  WWYD?

Re: First Head Cold... :(

  • I would have the pedi check him just to be sure, with preemies we have to be more careful with colds. I took my son for his six month shots last Tues thinking the doc would just check him and send us on our way, I knew he would not give the shots with my son having a cold which I didnt think was serious. Well to cut a long story short I left the office with scripts for 4 different meds as well as a nebulizer to be used every 4 hrs. Found out he had a bronchial infection which is going around. 
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