2nd Trimester

So does anyone like their MIL?

Just wondering after reading all these posts today.


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October 2012: Missed Miscarriage, Baby with no heartbeat, stopped growing after 7 wks 
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Re: So does anyone like their MIL?

  • My MIL is terrific.
    Please forgive my typos! I'm not as dumb as my iphone would like you to believe :)
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  • I love my MIL.  We work for the same company.  We eat lunch together every day.  I think it's horribly sad when people don't get along with their ILs for whatever reason.
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  • I'm lucky because I have TWO that I like!
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  • Mines not horrible but is annoying and will show up at my house 9 in the morning, uninvited, while people are still sleeping. We've told her MANY times to call first to make sure we are awake. But she doesnt listen. And shes annoying as sh!t. And just wierd. I dont like her, but I dont hate her. Eh.
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  • Neither DH or myself are close with her, but I have no major complaints.

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  • Mine's not bad. She can be annoying and I get really tired of all her complaining about something and her laziness, but she does love DS and enjoys seeing him.

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  • I adore my MIL, she's amazing. And I am counting on her advice (and my own mom's of course) as we move forward. She raised one hell of a man, that I was lucky enough to marry, so clearly she was on to something.
  •  I love my MIL! She is pretty great and I get to see her a lot since she lives 4 houses away. FIL is kinda nutty sometimes but he means well:)


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  • I love mine! Wouldn't trade her for the world.
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    I adore my MIL, she's amazing. And I am counting on her advice (and my own mom's of course) as we move forward. She raised one hell of a man, that I was lucky enough to marry, so clearly she was on to something.


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    October 2012: Missed Miscarriage, Baby with no heartbeat, stopped growing after 7 wks 
    November 2012: D&C
  • image ambrandau2:
    I adore my MIL, she's amazing. And I am counting on her advice (and my own mom's of course) as we move forward. She raised one hell of a man, that I was lucky enough to marry, so clearly she was on to something.

     You may not think this after the other post I made this morning but normally this is exactly how I feel about my MIL!! 

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  • My MIL is fantastic - my FIL, well let's settle for 1 out of 2 ain't bad.

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  • I would love to have some kind if friendship with mine but she is very hard to open up to. Even after 10 years together she wont really let me in her life.
  • I love DF's mother....even though she was the most difficult PITA I had ever met.  Unfortunately she passed last November, so I don't get to share this experience with her.  All she ever asked for was a grandchild.  I do get kinda sad reading the MIL vents, because I know that I would have had some terrific stories for all of you...she was a real piece of work!  But despite all of the things that make me upset when it came to her, I would gladly have her back any day.

    Cheers to all of you who do apprieciate your MIL.

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  • I love my MIL in small doses.  Thank GOD she lives over 3 thousand miles away in another country Wink
  • Honestly, pre-baby, we didn't always see eye to eye and I would, for lack of a better term, "get in trouble" with her a lot...now...I that I am carrying the golden child, we have gotten along great.  She is still overbearing, but all of the attention is really nice, and she is sooooooooo into everything baby, it is fun to have someone to talk about it with.  My mom is not so into baby stuff ... or she has a strange way of showing it if she is.  My MIL on the other hand is at BRU once a week, took me crib shopping (which she bought the whole set), has already bought this baby an entire wardrobe, and it is really doting all over me...it is pretty nice to have the attention, I have to say. 
  • We get along but we have almost nothing in common, including personalities. Also, we live 1500 miles apart so although I've now known her for 5 years, we've not spent all that much time together. And DH is an only child who met me before she'd gotten through the empty nesting transition, so that can be an issue. We don't yet really relax around each other yet.
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  • I adore my MIL and my SFIL. My FIL doesn't speak English very well and his culture shows through in him a lot which is something to get use to but he is a really sweet and caring guy. I am really sad they live so far away (In the Netherlands). I am really sad that they will only see their grandbaby only once or twice a year. 

    They are all so excited that they are going to have their first grand baby and I love keeping them updated on my changes! MIL wants to know as soon as we find out the sex! :) 


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  • I don't hate my MIL, but I really have nothing in common with her. I usually find both MIL and FIL quite annoying. They live 6 hours from us, so we don't see each other often and have never really had a chance to bond.

    This saddens me. I always pictured loving my IL's because both of my parents always got along great with the opposite pair of grandparents. I always thought I would have a similar relationship with my IL's. On the other hand, I really like SIL, so at least that's something.

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  • MIL isn't bad, although she is rather judgy. I've gotten used to it. StepMIL is a nightmare, I cannot wait to move back home!

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  • My MIL is wonderful - she's supportive of DH and I and very loving but respects boundaries and doesn't intrude.

    I'm so happy to have a great relationship with both of my in-laws. I cannot imagine how awful it would be to have it be the opposite. Sounds so stressful reading the posts from ladies who in that situation.

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  • I lost my own mom 4 years ago, and she was the person I was closest to in the entire world. I feel so blessed to have been given another mother when I married my DH. She can have her moments, but so can I. We honestly love each other, and she tells me at every opportunity how great I am for her son, which is the highest compliment she could pay me because she positively adores him.

    I was thinking of The Bump this Thanksgiving. I have read so many posts by women here who don't get along with their MIL, or are having control issues. And yet, here is an exchange, practically word-for-word from Wednesday night  (she travelled to us for the holiday and stayed with us from Wed - Sun):

    MIL: "Please understand I mean this in the best possible way, but do you want me to come down when the baby is born?"

    Me:"I am so happy you asked, but no, I don't really want anyone there except DH. I'll be recovering from having a C-section, and trying to learn everything I can while I am at the hospital on how to breastfeed twins, and I just want to wait a few weeks until we come home before we start having people over."

    MIL: "Oh good! I think that is smart, and you know that I will be there ASAP if you change your mind, but I think you are doing the right thing."

    Period. No drama. No hurt feelings. Done with love and empathy. The end. 


  • I do! DH and I were just talking about this yesterday.

    I don't know if it's because my husband has 3 older brothers who have paved the way or what, but my ILs are great.  They are exceedingly generous, and while we don't always see eye to eye, and they'll sometimes share their unpopular opinions with us, they also know when it's time to "let it go".


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  • Mine is pretty good. Helps that she hasn't lived in the continental US for the entire time I have been with DH (7 years). She's nice. But kinda flaky. My mother on the other hand... DH is not a fan... but I have issues with her.


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  • I love my MIL!  We even lived with her for a few months when we were waiting to close on our house.  She's very laid back and doesn't push anything on us like it sounds like a lot of MIL's are.
  • My MIL is alright.  I can handle hanging out with her... but I don't think I would want to see her every day.  Since I moved in with my boyfriend in his town... I live closer to my MIL than my mom.  I still love my mom a thousand times more... but my MIL isn't so bad.
  • Use to. We use to get along great until I got pregnant. Not sure WTF got into her. She doesn?t care about our baby for some reason even though she pestered us to have kids. It?s her first legitimate, planned grandchild, from her favorite son. After the whole bankruptcy chat she had with me (her daughter and one son just filed ? another story) where she said to me as I was five months prego ?are you sure you?re ready to have a kid, because you too are going to have to file for bankruptcy?.
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  • I love mine!! We are very different (personality wise) so we can clash, but that's just life.  She is an excellent mother and is very aware of her "mother-in-law-ness" becuase she didn't get along with her own MIL for many years.  She often tells me "please let me know if i'm being a MIL"  (meaning, with all the negative connotations of the word.)

    She even lived with hubby and I (along with FIL, BIL and SIL... and their 2 dogs!!!) for 8 weeks over the summer while thier house was being finished. You know what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! haha

    I have to say, as far as marrying into a family goes, both hubby and I really lucked out. And both fams live within 20 mins of us. Our kids will be so lucky Smile


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  • I adore mine.  She is a much better grandmother than my mom and I am really looking forward to seeing her and the rest of in-laws for Christmas.  They have all really taken me in as their own daughter and MIL lead the charge in that.

     I was so worried that she would take over when she came to visit after DS was born, but she was perfect.  She helped without being overbearing.  I really do adore her!

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