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Antibiotics before HSG?


My RE has you take antibiotcs before the HSG.  Did any of you take antibiotcs before your HSG?

Thank you! 

Re: Antibiotics before HSG?

  • I did. I want to say I started them 2-3 days prior, and was told I could stop them if eveything went smoothly. If it didn't, I would need to take the remainder of them


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  • I will be. I have a script for 10 days, to start the day prior and to finish the course regardless. Makes sense. Even though they are using sterile technique to insert the catheter through the cervix, the vagina is not sterile. Last thing you'd want is an infected ute.
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  • I had to start taking the antibiotics two days before my HSG and two days after (5 days total).
  • I will be taking them.  I have a prescription for antibiotics to take the night before and a few days after.
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  • i did, i took 2 doses before the hsg test, and then 3 more after, because of the risk of infection
  • image cmcruz22:
    I had to start taking the antibiotics two days before my HSG and two days after (5 days total).

    ditto this. and for IUI's

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