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fibrocystic boob

Anyone have fibrocystic breast changes? This is my third pregnancy and my left boob has some fibrocystic lumps that are increasingly painful-pregnancy seems to not sit well with my left boob. I first noticed the lumps after I weaned my first son-had a mammogram and u/s and was relieved to find out they were just fibrocystic changes. I didn't notice many changes during my second pregnancy until I started breastfeeding and my left boob hardly made any milk after 6 months-extra pumping and nursing on the left didn't seem to boost my supply either. My second son weaned about two weeks ago-I thought this would help some with the soreness, but it has gotten a little worse. Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with this (besides guarding my boobs from my toddlers elbows:)) I'm not miserable, but it's kind of an annoying discomfort.

Re: fibrocystic boob

  • I have always been very fibrocystic and this pregnancy you can see them more then with the first. My right breast is more so then the other and you can for sure see them on that one. The pain eventually stops but occasionally i get shooting pains. There isnt to much you can do, try a warm compress that may help
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