Babies: 3 - 6 Months

winter onesies-- sizing question

is it ok to have your baby wear the footed onesies if the feet are too small? 

my baby is 5 months and is in 9-12 month onsies, but his feet are a tad cramped. is this going to prevent his feet from growing properly? is he going to have messed up toes?

my baby doesn't seem to complain, but then again, he is an unusually calm baby.  

the nanny says its ok... but she can be wierd sometimes, so i wanted other opinions.


Re: winter onesies-- sizing question

  • No it wont hurt the baby but might not be that be honest my friend cut the feet out of her sons because he has big feet and hates to have them covered..and if you are worried about them being cold you could always just put socks on LO. Good Luck!
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