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How did you find out you had PCOS? symptoms??

I'm starting to think I may have this, going to make a doc appointment soon.


Just wondering how you found out, and what the symptoms are??


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Re: How did you find out you had PCOS? symptoms??

  • I went off bcp's, gained a ton of weight in a very short amount of time and didn't get a period.

    It was the weight gain and lack of a period that brought me to the doctor. Bloodwork and ultrasound are how the doctor diagnosed the PCOS.

    Truthfully, aside from the annovulation/no periods and the weight issue (despite working out 5 days/week and eating healthy), I don't have any symptoms ... but know that every woman is different with PCOS.

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  • Thanks for responding.  I've been off bcp since last January, have only had 2 periods since, charted the last 2 cycles, and both seem to be annvolutory.  I had bllod work done in April, and my hormone levels were normal, but I jsut have a feeling something is off???

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  • i was diagnosed with this a few months ago. I went off of BCP the day after christmas last year and have yet to have a natural period. My OB prescribed two rounds of provera, separated by a few months, which were intended to jump start my cycle. i have a "period" after each round but then nothing. The lack of period in combination with a resurgence of horrible acne, bacne, hair growth on my face (ew, ew and ew might i add), and internet research led me to the RE, which confirmed the PCOS diagnosis. My RE never did an ultrasound, which seems odd the more i read on these forums. I dont know if it was because i had so many of the other symptoms he felt he didnt need to or what. When my blood work came back all of my levels were normal except one, and it was only a little high. I forget the specifics now, but i thing the high end of normal is 6 and mine was 7. I think that was my testosterone, but i cant remember for sure now. 
  • I had irregular cycles in the past, but I had attributed them to getting my period at a young age (10). They regulated themselves, even when I experimented with bc (some give me migraines). I had been off BC for a year, had been having regular periods, when I started BC back up right in time for my wedding. Since starting to take the BC (Yaz), I started bleeding every 2-3 weeks, before I even got to the sugar pills at the end of the pack. That continued a couple of months, went off BC and then didn't get a period again.

    During that time, I also started gaining weight, all in my belly and excessive hair growth. I tried to do a low-carb diet to lose weight and it didn't help me at all (even though it had in the past). I went to the OB and she did an u/s and b/w. My u/s didn't show the standard "ring of pearls" on my ovaries, but the b/w did show my LH/FSH ratio to be off and increased testosterone.


  • I didn't get a period after going off BC for about 5 months. This prompted me to go to the doctor who referred me to the RE. The u/s showed the "string of pearls" around my ovaries which led to the diagnosis of PCOS. I think my b/w was normal or maybe slightly off, but I can't remember.
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  • i had them all lol, except i have regular periods. I just prob dont ovulate on my own. i had gained a ton of weight in a short amt of time, acne etc. Good luck!
  • strange weight gain, weird hair growth all over, no periods
  • I had really long cycles, gained a bunch of weight after I went off BCP and also had the strange hair growth.


    All of my bloodwork came back normal and showed no signs of PCOS but my ultrasound shows the "ring of pearls". My RE then had me do the insulin/glucose test which showed insulin resistance. 


    Both my OB and my RE told me NOT to rely on blood work only for a dx of PCOS. The ultrasound is key and some docs will also dx on "symptoms" only.


    Hope that helps and good luck!! 

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  • I had actually been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and my PCP was convinced that correcting my TSH would fix my periods.  When my TSH levels kept coming back normal and I still wasn't getting a period, I went the next step.  B/W showed high testosterone and insulin resistance.  That along with the abnormal amount of facial hair and an ultrasound confirmed it. 


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  • I'm in the same boat as FireWife, got off BCP gained about 10 lbs in 5 weeks (literally!) and didn't get a period for 2 months.  Went to the Ob/Gyn hoping to be preggers, but I wasn't.  Went to see RE, and after 19 tubes of blood confirned PCOS and hypothroidism. 


    best of luck!!!!

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