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Am I being weird?

So my husband and I just found out we are expecting on Friday with 3 hpts, I haven't gone to the doctor yet to confirm but with 3 hpts its got to be right and all the symptoms of pregnancy are here too. I have the biggest worry though that I am going to walk into the doctors clinic on Tuesday and they are going to tell me I'm not pregnant and my heart will be shattered. It's almost like its to good to be true kind of thing and I'm just waiting for something to go wrong. I constantly feel like I need to take more hpts just to keep reassuring myself that I am still preggers.

Has anyone else had this fear and anxiety?


Re: Am I being weird?

  • Oh yeah! Until I told the nurse who was taking my blood that I'd taken a whole box of HPTs, she said "I wish I had stock in those things, no one seems to believe them but they almost never give a false positive - its only ever the other way around".
  • I am in your EXACT same boat (3 HPTs). I didn't even wanna tell my husband because I was afraid of breaking both our hearts instead of just mine. But...I have faith we are both pregnant! yah!
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    Oh yeah! Until I told the nurse who was taking my blood that I'd taken a whole box of HPTs, she said "I wish I had stock in those things, no one seems to believe them but they almost never give a false positive - its only ever the other way around".
    This is true! I think everyone feels that way at first, though. Congrats!
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  • I am completely paranoid.  I got my first BFP Tuesday night.  I think I have taken 4 more since then, and I have even been charting and my temps stayed up. It's just a reassurance thing for me.  I have a bunch of ic anyways so I figure there isn't any harm if it makes you feel better! Congrats!
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  • Totally normal and NOT weird. It's completely understandable!

  • I completely agree!  I took 3 HPTs today and all came up positive. I will call the doctor tomorrow but I feel that it's too surreal to be true.  I told my sister because she is a labor and delivery nurse and is going to set me up with her recommended doctor. I'm so nervous I will wake up tomorrow and it will all be untrue! I know I will take another HPT tomorrow just to make sure :)
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  • I thought I was being weird! I went thru 3 HPTs then went back to the store for 3 more, and even made my very not pregnant best friend take one to be sure the tests worked. After my first appt when the nurse had me take another test there and go for blood tests AND load me up with about 10 lbs of pregnancy magazines and reading materials I felt a little better and more confident that I was actually pregnant.

    I think after my first ultra sound tomorrow I will feel SO much better though. I am hoping to hear my babies heartbeat and be able to see them on the monitor too. I am so nervous, but really really excited at the same time.

  • Completely normal. It's weird at the beginning because you don't have the belly or feel the kicks yet, even though you KNOW you are pregnant. I had a horrible miscarriage nightmare last night and woke up this morning and peed on an internet cheapie while I was half asleep. Embarassing. The line came up instantly before the control line even did and was super dark. Now THAT, is weird. :)
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  • I took 7 hpts, 2 the first night and one everyday for 5 days after that just to make sure I wasn't mistaken!  It didn't become real to me until I saw the ultrasound.
  • I don't think you're weird!  My story is very similar!  We took three tests on Saturday night and today is Tuesday.  My doctor doesn't want to see me until 8 weeks, so I took a blood test at my family doctor yesterday.  I am definitely pregnant, but my main fear is that I will miscarry. I've read that many people get pregnant and miscarry so early that they don't even realize they're pregnant and now I'm super afraid I will not remain pregnant....

     It's really hard to believe.  We had just stopped birth control but knew my body would need some time (usually read about 1-2 months) to reset itself hormonally. I was pregnant within two weeks of quitting the pill- we are just shocked and it's hard to believe.

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  • With my first I took only one test, with #2 I went nuts with the tests and when I thought that I was just seeing things I went and got a digital. But part of me still wonders. :)

  • Worst nightmare confirmed, sort of. I took 2 digital HPTs and both said pregnant. My doctor wanted me to come in and confirm so I did, like 2 hours later. Urine test at the doctor's office was a BFN! The nurse actually looked at me and said "Um, are you sure you got a positive test?" All I could say was I must have been wrong. I knew I was pregnant though so I called the OB department and explained what happened and my PCP sent me for blood work, which confirmed I was pregnant. The problem was probably that it was so early and my urine didn't have enough concentration of hGC in it. 

    You are going to your doctor's appointment in a few days though so a false BFN shouldn't be a problem. Good luck! 

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  • yeah I took 6 hpts' and I STILL didn't believe it. I was excited because I m/ced before. I was so excited but until I ent to the doc and they confirmed I didn't believe it and even then until I got my firs ultrasound I was still in it could be a fluke mode. But no not a fluke lol. try getting like a different one. If you got digital then get the stripy ones. and vice verce.
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