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Pain in Right Side Waist?


I'm 10 weeks pregnant and have been having this nagging pain in my right side waist--no bleeding, spotting, etc. I can't find any info about this on the 'web and wondering if anyone else has experienced this and/of if you may have any clue as to what it may be. From what I understand, round ligament pain is lower in the abdomen, and this is literally on my waist..sometimes it travels down a bit, but mostly not...




Re: Pain in Right Side Waist?

  • It's hard to say over the internet--could be an ectopic pregnancy (if you haven't had an U/S yet), any kind of GI upset, a UTI and/or kidney infection, or random "growing pains"....i would call your doc to get an eval. GL!
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  • I kind of been having similar pains. It's located on my right side in line with my belly button. It seems to worsen with activities such as mopping or vaccuuming. I am not too concerned about it since so many changes are happening right now with our bodies. I think it may have something to do with my breathing and diaphragm. If it really becomes painful or doesn't subside, check with your doctor.
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  • I've had an US so it's not ectopic--but yes, it seems to worsen with activity...thanks, that helps. I'm seeing docs next week, but wanted to see if anyone else out there was experiencing same thing....


  • Hey, I'm 10 weeks as well and have been having some pains in the tummy area. I think they're just normal "growing" pains. There's just so much moving and growing in there, I'm sure there's going to be some discomfort.
  • I had RLP last time, and I'm pretty sure they were that high.
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  • when i was 10 weeks pg w/my son i had pains on my R side. turns out i had appendicitis and had to have an appendectomy. if the pain gets severe go to the doc. 3 ladies in my hospital were all pg and having appendicitis. they speculated that b/c the uterus was growing it caused irritation pushing the organs around. not sure if that is the real reason, but yeah, if it gets bad go to the doctor. 

    if it isn't too bad, like mild cramps, then it's probably  just growing pains.   


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