2nd Trimester

Just because I was having nightmares..

Give me your opinion! I know that you arent doctors etc.. so no snark please! Look at my siggy and tell me whether you think its a girl for sure! My dreams were so weird and stupid.. but you all know what its like to be pregnant and crazy!

Have a happy thanksgiving!

Re: Just because I was having nightmares..

  • I have a friend on the boards and when she had her ultrasound the techs told her she was having a girl and he was born allll boy. You never know!

    That said, even though her ultrasound was wrong, her kiddo still had everything he needed. Clothes, diapers, food and love.

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  • It's hard to tell on that one...sorry!

    I was nervous that the tech was wrong, so I asked my OB how accurate the guess was at my next appointment. She said she had a few extra minutes, so she did a quick u/s to check for me. With her reaction and a copy of the image to take home (the tech didn't give us one), I can tell he's all boy.

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  • its a girl u can see a slit, and the labia right where the arrow is pointing. do uhave other ultrasound pics. i have a bunch and i having a girl too.. congrats good luck
  • It looks like a girl. You can always ask your doctor if you can have another U/S to be certain. But I just had a recent friend who found out she had a girl at the U/S and even in all her sonograms you can say it's a girl. But when she gave birth surprise it's a beautiful little....boy. She figured everything out and adjusted to her little boy.

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  • I have a friend that asks everytime she goes in if it's still a girl... I'd laugh if our girl was born a boy, I know my hubby would be jumping up and down with excitement!
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