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Stressing about everything (hormones?)

I am stressing about every little thing lately. I almost had a nervous breakdown tonight because dinner didn't turn out right. I get headaches and stressed all the time. If my DH complains about something like not cleaning the highchair I freak out. Is anyone else getting really stressed more than normal since being pg? Is it hormones or just me?

Re: Stressing about everything (hormones?)

  • I actually think that i dont stress half as much as I used to.. im not sure why see that i have way more to stress about!! Just the big things bother me other then that im usally cool calm and collective. (most of the time)

    But Yupp its deff got to be your hormones.. just remember to breath..  

  • I am opposite too, it might be because I am a natural worrier usually or something. It's the hormones for the most part and tell hubby to ease up!
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  • Yep-- I tend to get worked up over the smallest things and pre-pregnancy I was the MOST easy going girl ever. My poor DH.
  • I've been having some panic attacks lately. I used to get them horribly a few years ago, but I have learned to control them. I think I'm just overwhelmed..Just got approved for the loan for our house, then finding out I was pregnant, and DH got a new job.  I actually had a panic attack this morning cuz one of my crusts didn't come out right. I slapped myself in the face and told myself to snap out of it. I thought I was chill but ,my mind is playing tricks on me!
  • No worries, it's definitly normal. Last night driving home with my husband, I got so irritated by everything he said...things that normally wouldn't hit my radar. Later in the evening, I apologized for being so bitchy...he made a comment trying to help me manage the mood swings and I got pissed AGAIN! Then I started crying (huh?) for no apparent reason. Yeah...what you're going through is entirely normal in response to what's happening to you. Just take some deep breaths the next time you feel yourself getting worked up, you and the baby will be better for it.
  • I am completely with you. I mean I'm not saying im the most patient woman. But I freak out so bad now. Like my cat I swear she's like a white panther or soemthing(cotton ball kitty of doom) because she sleeps during the day and is awake aty night. it usually doesnt bother me but the other night she was ni the room and playing with a bag I got so mad I started to scream and yell. I then proceeded to throw pillows at her(including the ones my husband was sleeping with, should of seen his face lol). Also my husband cracked a joke about me having to do the christmas cards and I just got done with doing the registry(online, much harder for those who have not done them before.). I spazzed out so bad on him that he started to apologize greatly and proceeded to sompliment me for the next several minutes. So yeah I'm completely crazy. I scrubbed a mirror with vinegar until it was so pretty lol.
  • I'm definitely quite affected as well.  My overall mood is very blunted and I cry almost every day (without trigger).  Hope it goes away.
  • I can totally relate! I am a mess lately.  Keep crying and have trouble stopping. Husband is not supportive at all, only concerned with his problems.  Hoping this stage doesn't last long, not sure how much more I can take!
  • Even feeling guilty about sounding so whiny!



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  • Hormones and as long as your DH understands that your going through this, and quite frankly there's not much you can do to control it... then don't stress over stressing.

     Currently I am stressing over stressing - because my boyfriend doesn't quite understand at times that my hormones are wack. Though it doesn't help that I can't remember to get things done, and don't have time for many things (like laundry) and it's not helping me at all that he'll be pileing other things on top of it. Must you? You're making me life harder than it already is - and yet you can't even manage to work on the mold in the bathroom for me? Do you like the fact that I'm allergic to mold and am probably sicker because you won't bleach it for me?

     There's so much more you have to look out for and get together when pg anyways - let alone working through the hormone and physical body changes.

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