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Poll: Do you actually like being pregnant?

Hey mamas,

We're working on a piece now about how to deal when you feel like you're the only non-glowing pregnant lady in the room, why you might be feeling this way to begin with, and why, yes, it's all totally normal. But we wanted to come to you first and see what you had to say on the topic, before we put our questions to one of our experts.

So please weigh in on our quick poll below. And if you've got a minute, share some thoughts/feelings/etc about what exactly it is you're not digging about pregnancy so far -- and why. You can also email me directly at kstanford@theknot.com if you'd rather not post here.




Re: Poll: Do you actually like being pregnant?

  • It's gotten better since my ms let up, but I absolutely hated the first 5 months.  I love feeling the baby moving, and I love knowing I'm creating life, but as for actually being pregnant... it sucks.  I'm a first timer, and I had quite a bit wrong coming into this.  One, I actually thought morning sickness was in the morning.  I never knew there was a chance I could be sick 24 hours a day, for months and months at a time, and when I wasn't actually throwing up, I still felt like I was going to.  I also thought I had 9 months to prepare for fully giving up control of my life.  But I missed out on so much due to how sick I was.  I also didn't know pregnancy came with so many aches and pains so early.  I'm hot all the time, I still don't have any cravings or even really like to eat, all the MS did damage to my stomach and esophagus, I cry all the time, and I just overall don't feel well.  Do I like becoming a mommy - absolutely.  Do I like being pregnant - NO!
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  • There was a small window in the 2nd tri that I enjoyed being pg, but overall it has not been the sunshine and rainbows that I expected. Sometimes I feel like a bad mother because I don't love being pregnant. I have had to deal with hypermesis and my body producing too much relaxin making it very hard for me to walk, so it has not been comfortable for me.
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  • I love what comes from being pregnant and when you feel the little kicks inside.  However, heartburn/reflux, the ever growing belly and not being able to fit into clothes, acne, uncomfortable stretching, bloat and morning sickness are just a few reasons I'm not a fan.
  • I love being pregnant.  I definitely can't wait for our little girl to arrive, but, I wouldn't mind being pregnant for longer.  My pregnancy has definitely had some difficult times, but, none of it compares to the kicks, the ultrasound views, etc....I love talking about her, I love my growing belly, I love all of it. 

    I can see how some women hate being pregnant and can't wait for it to end, I'm just one of the lucky ones who's had it relatively easy so far. 

    Katy and Brett ~ Runaway Bay, Jamaica ~ October 4, 2008

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  • I love that the end result is a baby. I do NOT love that I had MS all day every day for the first four months, sciatic pain so bad for a month that I literally couldn't walk, heartburn and all the other aches and pains. There are days that I feel well and think "this isn't so bad." But in the end, I can't wait for LO to get here so I can get off this ride and regain some semblance of control over my own body.
  • I like the feeling that I am creating a new life. I like the close bond that this new life has forged between me and my SO. I love feeling the baby kicks and I love being excited to meet my baby, and I love the excitement all around me (my mom, SO's parents, my friends and coworkers are all so happy for us). However, I experience bouts of hormone-induced despair and sometimes I cry great heaving sobs because I feel so helpless and unprepared. I feel like all my emotions are very close to the surface at all times, I get upset or angry so much faster than I ever have before. That part of my pregnancy is very very difficult.

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  • I'm going to be completly honest, pregnancy SUCKS for me. I am not blessed with carrying babies well. I will also say that after 2 losses and struggling to get pregnant, I love both of my children more than life itself. Just because you don't LOVE being pregnant, doesn't mean you don't love your children.

    With all 4 of my pregnancies, I suffered from hyperemesis until around the 16-20 week mark. Not to mention, living in constant fear of any spotting, cramps, twinges or aches. It's the life I live as a PgALer. I also suffer from debilitating (sp) migraines that the strongest (safest) narcotics can't touch. I live with going to the labs every two weeks for extensive blood tests for different things. (Then comes the regular pregnancy stuff.) Not being able to get comfortable to sleep a full 4 hours a night makes me look like a walking zombie.

    So, I think, if someone ever made a comment about me not having that "glow" I'd have to punch them...hard. Pregnancy isn't all puppies and rainbows for me. Sure I'm excited, just don't be suprised when you get a death scowl from me in the store instead of the "I'm so happy I could burst" look.

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  • Eh. Puking sucks, being tired sucks, pelvic rest sucks. That being said, I love being pregnant w/ a healthy baby, and I'll take whatever comes along with it if it means this LO is coming home with us in April.


  • I love being pregnant.  My body has adapted extremely well, and aside from having a basketball in the way, it really hasn't impacted me much physically.   I'm anxious for this baby to be born just because I'm excited and can't wait to meet him/her, but I think my body would let me be pregnant for at least another month comfortably. 
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  • Do I like being Pregnant? No....Do I hate being Pregnant? No. Being pregnant has ups and downs. The sickness the first 16 weeks was pretty frustrating....and feeling tired and worn down is rough too. For Vanity purposes its hard to watch your athletic frame fill up with cellulite and your once abs turn into a HUMUNGO bowling ball. Your boobs lay on your stomach, and stuff starts coming out of them....and your face, back, chest everywhere fills up with acne. You don't feel sexy anymore really, and even if you did, having an 'intimate" moment with your husband is pretty impossible with a huge baby belly anyway. It's a hard thing to swallow from a vanity standpoint. But, when you start to feel your child roll over, or kick...and you can see an elbow or a knee pop out of your bowling ball belly....all the other superficial stuff kind of goes away. When you watch your husband light up everytime he feels his child move beneath your once abs, you realize "sexy" isn't really that important after all.
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  • Looking around at my pregnant friends I can say I have had a pretty easy pregnancy. Yes I have some symptoms that suck but I would say I have had it pretty easy when I hear other peoples symptoms. Even in being this blessed I can say I hate being pregnant. I get so tired of listening to my BF and mom talk about how much they loved being pregnant (if Im going to puke its while they are gushing on this point). Im tired, sore, gassy, large and overall feel like hell. On top of it all maternityt pants suck.


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  • The first tri was definetly not fun.  I'm feeling better now but I've been having issues with my asthma. Otherwise, I feel great and I think the asthma issues aren't pregnancy related just regular fall/weather change/allergy related so I know it will get better when it finally gets cold.
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  • Like a lot of new mommies out there...I definitely drank from the kool-aid where being pregnant was going to be awesome.

    The 1st trimester was rough. I didn't throw up a lot, but the nausea kicked in around 3pm. I was tired ALL THE TIME and when I got sick...i just wanted to die. I didn't want to take any sick days because i was saving it for maternity leave.

    Even though people say I look so cute with a pregnant belly, I am just horrified and how much my body has expanded. I have back fat that is not at all attractive. My legs are huge now and I can't wear my nice pumps anymore. My coworker yelled at me because she doesn't want to hear me call myself a fatty anymore. Well tough woman! This is my first and I am not used to this entire body transformation.....and all the cellulite.

    I miss running. I was a marathoner and still ran a half marathon up until 3 1/2. I miss running so hard and long that you get that awesome runner's high. 

    I do have energy now and am able to hit the gym 5 days a week. However, what the pregancy Gods taketh....they giveth. So yeah..the tailbone pain, sciatica, lack of breath when I have to bend over...and the night sweats. 

     So last week, I was in TJ Maxx and this cashier that was probably 18 said that she was so jealous that I was pregnant. She wanted to be pregnant so bad because it would be so much fun. I was like...WHAT? Poor naive girl.

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  • I think for me it's the way that I look at my body that makes me enjoy pregnancy more. There is SO much pressure on women to be thin and perfect, and I feel that weight has been lifted for me in a way. My body is doing exactly what nature designed it to do and while I am not taking the "eat everything in sight" approach I am embracing my body as it is today.


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  • I have moments where I FEEL like I hate it. But deep down I love it.
  • I haven't been enjoying it to much. It has been really difficult and I keep having issues so I am just hopeful that time fly's by.
  • I'm just hitting second trimester, so I'm hoping I'll feel better soon, but first trimester was tougher than I imagined, like many have said above.  I hardly get sick and it's been hard to deal with feeling crappy for weeks on end (going on 7 weeks for me now, though it does seem to be letting up a bit now).  I have only thrown up once, but in general, as much as I enjoy the act of eating, food disagrees with me and for weeks caused me major indigestion and headaches. 

    I'd though I'd just feel tired all the time, not sick.  

    But, if this is what it takes to bring a healthy baby into the world, I can handle it.

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  • I think that when you are experiencing pregnancy for the first time the road can be a little rocky to say the least. I had awful morning sickness in my first tri, but now that I'm in my second tri I feel fantastic! The biggest challenge, I feel, is the transition new moms make. Before becoming pregnant I was always on the social scene; going out, partying, doing crazy (probably even irresponsible) things...but now that I'm going to be a mom, my entire outlook on life has changed. I see things and make decisions based on a whole other level because from here on out my decision not only affect me, but they effect my baby.

  • I love being pregnant, but some of the side effects stink.  I hate how tired I usually am and I hate how my job suddenly thinks I'm super fragile and can't do anything.  Most people would find that nice but it really stinks. 
  • It took us a long time to get here and a lot of heartache so I feel guilty on the days that I don't love it. I have had horrible sickness-morning noon and night for the first few months and then randomly throwing up every week or so since then. I am tired all the time and achey, I struggle to feel pretty or look cute in my clothes and my complexion has gone haywire again but seeing our baby girl on that U/S screen made all of that worth every second.

    I love feeling her kick and showing my husband my belly moving from the outside, I love the smile it puts on his face and I love knowing that we have created this beautiful life together.

    I was hoping for all sunshine and rainbows and to be one of those perky pretty mom to be's that are portrayed on TV but in reality I am just happy to be me and so thankful for this blessing:)

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  • This made me tear up! Maybe it's the hormones but I totally needed to read this today! Thank you!
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  • No. I have Fibromyalgia and Restless Leg Syndrome. I had to wean off my meds before TTC. I hurt. I can't sleep. I'm miserable. I'm missing out on a lot with my 4-year-old because I hurt so bad. He just keeps begging me to go for walks with him and play outdoors with him but I physically can not.Pregnancy is a means to an end. This is my second pregnancy and I knew what I was getting into and I can endure it to have my healthy baby. 9 months of misery is worth it for a lifetime of joy.Could it be worse? Absolutely, but I'm not about to pretend that I enjoy it. (XPed from 3rd tri thread) 
  • I love being pregnant. Some of the stuff sucks, but I love it. I loved being pregnant with my first, but after losing him it has made me appreciate pregnancy and life so much more.
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  • To be perfectly honest, I absolutely HATE being pregnant. I love the fact that I'm making a beautiful baby girl, but being pregnant is hard!! I have been so uncomfortable since the day I found out I was pregnant, in different ways. It's also hard to actually say out loud that I do not like to be pregnant, because people judge you for saying that. You're supposed to be smiley and happy and love the whole experience, but the truth is it isn't always that easy! I will be glad when LO arrives, I know it will all be so worth it, but I won't miss being pregnant!
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  • I absolutely love being pregnant. I love feeling the baby roll and kick, even when its uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure I would not feel this way if I hadn't had a miscarriage two months before this healthy baby. I thought I may not be able to have a baby of my own, so when I got pregnant and the LO was healthy I appreciated it as the very best gift I could have gotten. Even when my back hurts, I have headaches, and all the other fun symptoms crop up, I honestly still feel so blessed.
  • I have had a complicated pregnancy but I enjoy it nonetheless. Getting and staying pregnant was not easy for me and so I was determined from the beginning to stay as positive as possible and try and enjoy as many aspects of it as I could. No it's not always easy and there are parts of it that I would trade but what I would never trade is this feeling that I am doing something amazing that I never thought I would be capable of. In fact, as I get closer to my due date I am slightly sad that I might miss this feeling of having my baby all to myself and feeling that deep connection but I look forward to the connection I will be gaining.  


     And yes, my ribs are killing me, I'm up all night tossing and turning, I am completely exhausted after working full time as a pre-school teacher hauling one-year-olds around every day, but nonetheless I absolutely love being pregnant!

  • I'm enjoying the planning and feeling the baby kick so much but some days I really don't like being pregnant.  I've started having cramping at night and the exhaustion this entire pregnancy so far has been very draining.  I'm currently in nursing school and haven't been able to cram or stay up late to study anymore which has been so frustrating.  The MS in the beginning was so bad I just kept thinking "how could anyone choose to have a second child?" lol but I know its all worth it in the end. :) After the first trimester there have been many days that I feel very happy being pregnant.
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  • I hate being pregnant and during the first trimester was asking myself how anyone in her right mind would ever consent to this more than once!!  I hate feeling exhausted, nauseous, and breaking out in painful acne everywhere.  I have felt much better during 2nd trimester and didn't mind as much some days.  But the back and leg pain and tiredness definitely are not enjoyable.  Would I do this again...now I would say yes.  But will I ever say I enjoy being pregnant?  No Way!
  • 1st pregnancy, AMAZING. this pregnancy.. not so much :( i've got crazy m/s that i'm still getting to this day (19.5 weeks) the excitement of knowing you have a child in your belly, feeling the baby, the baby being like your best kept secret. nothing beats that
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