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Quantative Blood test??

Does anyone know anything about this? Im on clomid and after my 1st cycle with it they told me I was NOT pregnant and my "quant" was only a 2 and it needed to be a 5. Now on my 2nd cycle they just told me my Quant is a 5 and is the min I need to possibly be pregnant....Does anyone know how likely I am to being pregnant now? I have to wait 5 days to get a blood draw or take a urine test..... Really hoping I am but Im just not sure....

Re: Quantative Blood test??

  • The Quant is the same as your beta or Hcg level (it's the # that tells if you're preggo or not). The number should double every 48-72 hours. GL!
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  • It's very rare for a non-PG woman to have an HCG level of 5 - it likely means you are very early/very barely pregnant - but likely to be pregnant for real.  Sometimes post-menopausal women will have HCGs of 2-3, normal for a non-PG pre-menopausal woman is 0.5.

    Good luck with the waiting game...and sending baby dust your way!

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  • well i took a home pregnancy test saturday morning 1st thing and it was neg so I guess we're going to try one more time then we will be off to an invetro doctor.....   :(
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