1st Trimester

Don't shoot me please :)

I know you guys probably hate these posts, but....... Could I be pregnant? lol


I was never sick with DD, so I'm not sure what morning sickness feels like. What I've experienced sometimes lately is not like a stomach ache... more like motion sickness. Also, I've been dizzy. Like about to black out in the shower and fall on my face dizzy, which only has happened in 1st tri last time.

FWIW I did take a test with FMU when I would have been about 5 weeks along. It looked like a negative, but even the control line was sooo light that I had to look hard just to see anything in the window. Would you consider this to be inconclusive? Or maybe I should just take my negative and assume I'm just a dumbass with a virus. lol

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Re: Don't shoot me please :)

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