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Pregnancy Pillow...worth it??

I want to buy a pregnancy pillow but my only hesitation (besides the fact that they are pricey) is that at night I'm tossing from one side to the other every 10 minutes. Those pillows are pretty big so it seems like a chore to have to resituate the big pillow every time a roll over. Did it help you stop tossing and turning? Is it worth the money??


Re: Pregnancy Pillow...worth it??

  • After talking to my sister I just decided to buy a regular body pillow which has helped me alot! It does seem to be a pain to readjust at night and sometimes it falls off the bed BUT, I am glad i didn't go to the expensive of a bigger pregnancy pillow. This one has been great so far for me. I needed it for knee/back/hip pain and it's done the job.

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  • I regret spending the money on my snoogle.  I toss and turn and the pillow is too difficult to move with me.  Right now I sleep with three pillows.  One under my head, a larger fluffier one in front of me and slightly wedged under my belly and a regular one between my legs.  

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  • I just got the body pillow too and it works great!  It's not that heavy for when I need to switch sides, but a lot of times I just utilize my husband as my other body pillow.  =)
  • Honestly, I also move around a lot through the course of a night so I always used a king-sized pillow when I was pg with DS.  It was long enough to have between my knees and rest my belly on as I got bigger.  It worked well for me because I could easily keep it between my knees and still roll from side to side without disrupting the bed and DH.  HTH.
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  • I just use one of those big body pillows too. It was $10 at Bed Bath and Beyond and I spent another $10 for a pillowcase for it. The $16 (20% off coupon) I have in it was well worth it since I was getting a lot of hip pain from laying on my side.

    It can be a pain to switch sides, but I don't roll around as much now since I'm actually comfortable when I'm sleeping.

  • It's been totally worth it to me...I usually toss and turn a lot, and I don't move the pillow every time, I just move my body...I absolutely love this pillow.  DF thought it was a gimmick but after he spent 10 minutes with it he was sold on it!  So now we fight over who gets the snoogle...and I usually win given that I can pull the "I'm carrying your child" card LOL. 

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  • I have a regular body pillow and am already finding it to be off no real help. I'm usually a back or stomach sleeper, so getting used to sleeping on my side has been a trial! I'm tossing and turning and waking up in the middle of the night all of the time. I had heard the body pillow wedged against my back would keep me from rolling over, but so far I wake up on my back anyway, sometimes with the pillow on the floor. I'm aggravated, but still dont think I'll spend the money on the big U shaped pillow!


    eta: Here's a review of one of the pillows in case you want to see. She loves hers! http://www.livinglikethekings.com/2010/11/pregnancy-must-have-body-pillow.html 

  • I didn't end up getting a pregnancy pillow. Once I found my groove using 4 reg pillows I sleep very well now.
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  • With DS, I got one of those U shaped ones and thought it was heavenly. It did make a big difference and I used it religiously from 18 weeks and even after I gave birth while nursing DS in bed.

    With this pregnancy, I go to a chiropractor regularly so I have zero discomfort in my lower back/hips so I didnt use it at all.

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  • I used to toss and turn all night, but I after I got my Snoogle (which totally envelops you), I don't toss and turn at all.  I stay in one place all night.  No hip pain either.  Big Smile
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  • For me, yes.  I was tossing and turning so much and it was a PITA to readjust the pillows between my legs and in front of me every single time.  With the snoogle, I just have one pillow to move.  I actually usually only end up turning the top part and leaving the legs as-is so it's twisted in the middle of the night when I'm on one side.  I also toss and turn less.  I love the comfort it provides.
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  • I got this one:


     It's well made and nice but, good lord, it is HUGE. I will need to buy a king size comforter to use it bc my queen won't cover my body with this thing in bed. I'll ship it to you if you want! PM me, I'm not kidding.

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  • I went through my last pregnancy w/out one and sleeping was miserable.  I ruined/crushed 4 pillows, 2 of which were our really nice, expensive king size pillows.  It was harder to move in the night with 4 pillows underneath me.  I just bought a Boppy pillow last week and it has made a difference.  I use the top part of it under my back (still use my regular pillows for my head) and the bottom curved part for between my knees.  If I need to roll, I don't have to move the pillow, just roll over and put my other knee underneath it.  If you're using the top part for your head, then I think it would be a big pita because you'd have to reposition it under your belly each time.

    I was waking almost every hour before I got it.  Now I wake up to move 2-3 times a night.  Huge improvement.

  • I'm using a regular body pillow it was just the same as the pregnancy pillow.  and the feather body pillows are easier to move around.
  • I love my Snoogle. I move some in my sleep as well and it never bothered me to readjust the pillow. Whether you are using the Snoogle or 4 different pillows, you are going to have to move something if you shift positions. I like that it's all connected and that the middle part will stay under your tummy because the top and bottom of the pillow is held in place with your head and knees. During 3rd tri, I felt I needed most the tummy support most and I like that the Snoogle stayed securely in place.

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  • I use one of those huge MoFos: http://www.amazon.com/Serenity-Star-Pillow-Transitional-Maternity/dp/B000HEUJVO/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&qid=1290539732&sr=8-19

    It's my BFF.  I'm dreading Thanksgiving and Christmas when I'm away from it at the ILs with no pillow (and stuck in a queen size bed).  This thing is great--I put it under the sheets with me so it doesn't fall off the bed.  And when you turn over, you just turn over onto the other side so there's not a lot of tossing and turning.  Highly recommend.

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